Zero waste stores we love

Zero waste stores we love + they use zero waste shipping and packaging

Going zero waste is one of the best ways you can minimize your footprint but finding the right zero waste stores to help you on your way can be a challenge!

If you’re still sitting on the fence when it comes to going plastic-free, there are so many reasons why we want to reduce our plastic consumption. Some of those reasons include:

  1. More than 8 million tons of plastics are dumped into the ocean every year.
  2. Nearly all the plastic that has ever been made still exists (mind-blowing right!)
  3. Packaging accounts for almost 40% of all plastics used.
  4. Over 90% of all sea birds have plastic in their stomachs (potentially leading to death as they are unable to accommodate foods because of the amount of plastic in there)

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We don’t think we need to give you any more reasons to go zero waste! So without further ado, here are our favorite zero-waste stores. Not only do they stock zero waste products but they also make sure their packaging and postage is zero waste as well.

Our Top Zero Waste Stores

Tiny Yellow Bungalow

Tiny Yellow Bungalow was started by Jessie in 2015 from her tiny yellow bungalow. Her business started as a blog and now has evolved into quite a large zero-waste store. She’s able to promote the shop as 100% plastic-free and zero waste shipping which is amazing.

The other thing that we love about Tiny Yellow Bungalow is that they have a vintage section filled with second and vintage items, the ultimate zero-waste store.

Tiny Yellow Bungalow stocks everything from skincare through to zero-waste dishwashing

Life without plastic 

Life Without Plastic is on a mission to raise awareness about the health and environmental problems from plastics whilst being part of the solution and giving people ethical and affordable alternatives. 

They started back when their first son was born. Chantel and Jay were already health and eco-conscious but they discovered the impact that plastic was having on their newborn son and decided they needed to make more changes. They started the business in 2006 and now stock over 450 items to help others reduce their plastic usage and go zero waste. 

Some of our favorite products are the 5 Nestable Stainless Steel Round Containers and their range of plastic-free Feminine Products.

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Eco Roots

Eco Roots is 100% plastic-free, even down to the paper tape that they use in their shipping. They are committed to offering high quality and affordable zero waste products whilst also supporting Ocean Conservancy to help protect and preserve the blue planet. 

They stock a large range of zero waste products for the home and body, with one of our top picks being their beautiful rose gold zero waste razor.

Well Earth Goods

Well Earth Goods was started by Lee and Jocelyn. They live a minimalist and low waste lifestyle and wanted to be able to share what they know with others. And that’s how Well Earth Goods was born.

They are passionate about living a plastic-free life and are all too aware of the harmful effects of plastic on our health and the health of the planet. 

Well Earth Goods used 100% recycled packaging in their shipping, including recycled tape, recycled labels and compostable, dissolvable starch-based packing peanuts. 

Products we love are their Natural Bamboo Bandage Adhesive Strips and Plastic Free Insulated Baby Bottles.

Eco Girl Shop 

Eco Girl Shop is a female-founded, plastic-free company that specializes in selected earth-conscious products. Meaning that they stock a range of plastic-free, ethical, organic and cruelty-free products.

On top of that, they are also zero-waste shipping. Not only do they use recycled packaging but they also used packaging locally that would have otherwise been thrown out. 

We love their stainless steel ice cube tray and Stainless Steel Ice Pop Molds.

Earth Love

Earth Love is a subscription box for the eco-conscious. Every season receive a box full of eco-friendly, vegan/beegan, sustainable and low waste products. Items that are included vary and are a surprise each season but include books, apparel, snacks, accessories, gardening items and wellness items. 

Just be aware that they aren’t 100% plastic-free as some of their vendors do use recycled plastic in their packaging. The team at Earth Love do try to keep it to a minimum and all plastics that are used are able to be recycled. 

We love their Seasonal Subscription Box.

It’s a wrap on zero waste stores

We hope these zero-waste stores help you make more eco-conscious choices when shopping! Always remember to do your research and make sure you are really shopping from zero waste stores. 

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