5 zero waste shampoo brands we love and recommend!

5 Zero Waste Shampoos You Need and Want

5 Zero-Waste Shampoos You Need and Want!

One of the best places to become zero-waste is in the bathroom. There are essential products that almost everyone uses every day. One product you may find yourself using that could be switched to a better and more sustainable way is shampoo! Zero-waste shampoo is the way to go for many reasons.

Think about the millions of shampoo bottles that end up in landfills around the world every single year. Johnson & Johnson quotes that this is approximately 552 million 15-ounce shampoo bottles! They take it a step further in illustrating this immense problem by explaining how this is enough to fill 1,164 football fields.

Personally, shampoo bottles get used and tossed out in a matter of weeks. I know this is the same for many families in society. Switching to zero-waste shampoo can seriously reduce this plastic waste and save the Earth!

The Ethique brand values sustainability in all of its products. All ingredients used in these products, including their zero-waste shampoo bars, are sustainable and ethically derived. 


These bars are zero-waste by being packaged in biodegradable boxes. A bonus is that all Ethique products are vegan!

Waste free shampoo bar Ethique

Lush is another company providing amazing zero-waste shampoo bars. An added benefit to shopping through Lush is that the company provides information on which hair is best suited for a particular product! This leaves the guesswork out of purchasing. All Lush products are cruelty-free and ethically made.


However, a downfall that Lush has is that some of their products are not vegan. It is important to take a look at all ingredients used in a product before purchasing if a vegan lifestyle is important to you. This is made easy because Lush provides information on all product ingredients on the product’s page!

Plaine Products brand is unique in that they offer a return/refill scheme for its customers. By offering zero-waste shampoos, their product is packaged in aluminum bottles that can be returned for a refill! This eliminates the problems of tossing out plastic bottles that end up somewhere on our Earth!


This brand only becomes more interesting when you find out that it is a family-owned operation. This company was created by sisters Lindsey and Alison Delaplaine who vowed to make an impact on the plastic waste issue. All products made by Plaine Products are vegan, cruelty-free, and ethically made too!

Dr. Bronner’s bar soap is an all-in-one soap that can be used for hair and body. Dr. Bronner’s products are certified organic and Fair Trade. While this shampoo bar does include palm oil, you can be sure that it is organic. This bar soap is one of the best zero-waste shampoo options in that it uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper for packaging.


You will want to purchase fast and in bulk because these zero-waste shampoo bars are in high demand with limited supply! 

Meow Meow Tweet offers a nourishing shampoo bar that is not only great for hair but your body too! This brand’s products are certified organic and Fair Trade ensuring the highest-quality product for their buyers. These zero-waste shampoos are packaged in a paper box that you can repurpose, recycle, or compost afterward.


What’s more? Meow Meow Tweet lets their customers know that this product is great for humans but can be a spectacular option for pets too!

shampoo ethically

Even if you don’t use shampoo every day or every time you shower, knowing that the shampoo you use is ethical and zero-waste is important! 

We can make small changes to the things we use most often to make the biggest changes for our Earth.

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