Ethical and vegan winter boots

Sustainable and Ethical Winter Boots That Will Keep Your Feet Warm and the Planet Happy

We are all about finding ethical and sustainable products to help you in your journey to making more conscious purchases. Winter boots are big expenses that you want to make sure you’re getting longevity out of your purchases, as well as making healthy choices for you and the planet. After plenty of research, here are our favorite companies making sustainable and ethical winter boots.

All the companies that we’ve included have sustainable and ethical practices. All companies are different so make sure you’re choosing the brands that most align with your values.

Sustainable and Ethical Winter Boot Brands


Sezane believes that pieces that are created today should become vintage pieces of the future, meaning that they create timeless products that are made to last. Their products are created with eco-friendly and innovative materials. Sezane is now officially a B-Corp certified business, something they have been working towards over the years. 

We love their Dana Ankle Boots, the ultimate winter leather boot! These boots are made in Portugal, are road transported and are packaged in recycled packaging.

Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn is committed to practices that honor Mother Earth and all her people. As the company grows, they are moving from a sustainable business to a regenerative one with their farm-to-closet initiative

Their Cleasea sustainable winter boots are made with responsibly sourced, ‘deadstock’ leather, meaning that it’s made with excess leather and therefore minimizing waste. These boots are a classic style and made to last. 

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Nae Vegan Shoes 

Nae (stands for No Animal Exploitation) is a Portuguese footwear company that creates sustainable, ethical and vegan shoes and have a passion for environmental sustainability. All of their products are manufactured in ethical and certified factories in Portugal. 

Nae have a serious collection of ethical and vegan winter boots to choose from! So many colors and styles that will keep your feet warm and you looking fab!


Nisolo is a B-Corp certified company that creates ethical footwear, including sustainable leather winter boots. They are a 100% living wage and 0% carbon business. Whilst the company is working towards sustainability, they claim they are not perfect. However, they are super transparent and have created their Sustainability Label Facts to show the world exactly where they’re at with their business. 

The Everyday Chelsea Boot is their classic winter boot. It’s timeless, comfortable and comes in a range of colors. The sole has a 5 layer memory foam insert to make them super comfy and cushioned, something that doesn’t often happen with boots. 

Thesus Outdoors 

If you need serious ethical winter boots, then The Weekend Boot is your boot. This recycled boot is made for the snow. With extra warm lining and an extra grippy, natural rubber sole, you’ll be warm and secure in all-terrain!

The Weekend Boots are vegan and 98% virgin plastic-free. The nylon upper is made from recycled marine plastics and the sole is made from natural rubber, 45% of which is recycled. All of that is held together with 100% vegan, high performance, water-based glue. 

Thesus Outdoors is 100% vegan, 95% virgin plastic-free and 100% living wages.

The Root Collective 

The Root Collective boots are ethically made and handmade in Guatemala. They work with small business owners within the community. They also pay above the fair trade wages and have a great range of ethical boots to choose from.


Po-Zu manufacture sustainable and vegan shoes, including ethical winter boots. All of their materials are from naturally renewable sources and responsibly harvested. They contain no pesticides, bleaches or toxic dyes and are locally sourced where possible. Their cotton, linen and cork are GOTS certified and their leather is chromium-free and free of other harmful chemicals. Recently Po-Zu has increased the use of leather alternatives that are solvent and cruelty-free. 

All shoes are made in Portugal and Sri Lanka with ethical manufacturing, a strict non-toxic policy and they recycle nearly all of their waste products. 

They have a good selection of ethical winter boots to chose from. 

Poppy Barley

Poppy Barley is a B Corp Certified business that believes that prioritizing people and the planet matter just as much as profits and happy customers. 

Over the 2020/2021 period, they had a set of goals that they wanted to achieve, including offsetting ground shipping carbon emissions, reducing their packaging waste and improving their products life cycle to help with waste reduction. Whilst they did achieve these things, there were other areas that they are still working towards, including increasing the use of vegan leather, organic cotton and working with Leather Working Group tanneries. Let’s hope they achieve this year!

They have a wide range of ethical winter boots, including ankle and knee-high options.

Will’s Vegan Shoes 

Will’s Vegan Shoes started in 2013 as an ethical and vegan shoe company and over the years it has grown into so much more. In 2020 they introduced their first fully biodegradable shoes, that’s super impressive! 

All products are made ethically, all workers are protected and have rights that include working hours and time off, maternity and parental leave, equal pay, anti-discrimination, compensation for victims of discrimination and health and safety.

Their range of vegan and ethical winter boots is extensive and covers you from hiking through to heading out to dinner with friends. There’s something for every occasion!


Kamik’s sole purpose is sustainability. They do all that they can to reduce their carbon footprint (excuse the pun) including, manufacturing in Canada, creating a recycling program with their rainboots and using greener manufacturing initiatives.

Within their winter boots, they use felt that has been created with recycled plastics. Being a Canadian company, they make seriously warm and sustainable winter boots! And they’re very reasonably priced!

Our Round-Up of Sustainable and Ethical Winter Boots

We hope that our list of sustainable and ethical winter boots helps you keep your feet warm and helps our planet and people!

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