Sustainable swimwear brands that love your body as much as the Earth

Sustainable swimwear brands that love your body as much as the Earth

Make Waves with Sustainable Swimwear!

There is no better time to start shopping for sustainable items than now! Whether you are purchasing a swimsuit in the dead of summer or for a mid-winter vacation, buying ethical and sustainable swimwear should be your priority.


By becoming more aware of the swimwear you buy, you can make a positive impact for our Earth. Many of the following swimsuits use 100% regenerable and recycled nylon yarn material from post-consumer items such as fishing nets. You may have never known this was a thing! Now that you do, there is simply no turning back.

8 sustainable swimwear brands we love!

AMARA is a swimwear brand that prides itself on being both sustainable and ethical. Offering many options in both solids and patterns, AMARA is unique in that its swimsuits are reversible! These sustainable swimsuits are made by using ECONYL fabric by local artisans in Mexico.


Prices for these suits range from $95 to $200.

Sustainable Swimwear Amara

Abysse offers more than the regular swimsuit worn for a vacation or pool party. This brand creates everything from those swimsuits to wetsuits and more. Abysse gives its customers sustainable swimwear for everything swim or water-related at an affordable price.


Prices for swim items start at $40 and top out at $240.

Sustainable swimwear Abysse

While you may be told again and again how important sustainability is, Vitamin A has a different message for you. This brand’s motto is “sustainability is sexy”. There simply is no wonder why this would be their motto after seeing their gorgeous swimsuits! This sustainable swimwear brand offers many classic swimsuit options as well as more unique styles.


These sustainable swimsuits are made from a few different materials including EcoTex, EcoRib, and EcoLux. Never fear though! All of these materials are made from recycled fabrics.


The swimsuits made by Vitamin A are priced anywhere from $80 to $300.


Sustainable swimwear Vitamin A

Reformation is a sustainable swimwear brand that provides customers with many prints and styles for any swim occasion. Whether it be a vacation or a day at the pool, you will be able to swim in comfort and style!


These swimsuits can be bought for prices ranging from $60-$150.

Sustainable swimwear Reformation

While a bit pricey, you won’t regret the money you spend on a Mara Hoffman swimsuit! Mara Hoffman is a designer and offers some of the highest quality sustainable swimsuits out there. These products are made from REPREVE recycled polyester and ECONYL recycled nylon.


This brand’s swimwear can be bought for $150-$300.

Mara Hoffman sustainable swimwear

If you are looking for more unique styled sustainable swimsuits, look no further than the Fisch brand. This brand offers several designs, prints, and styles. Swimsuits from this brand are made from ECONYL recycled nylon similar to other sustainable swimwear brands!


You can find these swimsuits priced between $100 and $300.

Ohoy Swim is a classic sustainable swimwear brand offering the basics everyone loves. From simple one-pieces to bandeau bikinis; you will find something to love! The swimsuits this brand produces are made from ECONYL recycled nylon made from items like fishing nets and fabric scraps.


You can grab one of these beautiful swimsuits for anywhere between $50-$100!

Ahoy Swim sustainable swimwear

swim in style and sustainability

Odds are, you might be wearing your new swimsuit at an event or for vacation. Don’t hesitate to tell anyone and everyone all about your sustainable swimwear!


Teach them the importance of switching to a more eco-friendly, ethical, and responsible way of living.


Show them that this all can be done while still being extremely stylish!


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