Sustainable Kids CLothing Brands you'll love and will last the distance!

Sustainable Kids Clothing Brands That Last!

Let’s be honest. This school year has been a little odd. How many of us have actually gone shopping for new school clothes for the kiddos even though they are learning online? Not many! If you are part of this group of moms, you may be finding yourself in a predicament now that nothing is fitting your little one! It is time to do some shopping and we have found only the best sustainable kids clothing brands online.

Top Sustainable Kids Clothing Brands


One of the best sustainable kids clothing brands is Primary. This company offers endless clothing options that are gender-neutral making shopping for both boys and girls easy!

The clothes made by Primary are durable and will last far longer than your child can wear them. Talk about sustainable kids clothes! You will have these pieces for years and still have the ability to donate them in great condition. This means less clothing that ends up in the landfill!

Aside from their durable clothing options making a positive impact on the planet, Primary is actively striving to make an even bigger difference. This company is using recycled materials in their products and transitioning to organic cotton!

Organic you say? Must be pretty expensive.

Think again!

Primary has a fantastic price point. For an eco-friendly kids’ clothing brand, it is phenomenal!


Another great option for gender-neutral sustainable kids clothes is Orbasic. These clothes are made with 100% organic cotton that is certified under Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).

What does this mean?

A GOTS certification means that the cotton used in these pieces is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals. Ultimately, it is a way of showing the materials used are safe for both our kiddos and the planet.

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Colored Organics

Colored Organics, another GOTS certified sustainable kids clothing brand, focuses on helping their earth and its people. This company focuses its attention on providing ethical working for its employees! They do this by only working with factories that promise fair wages and safe working environments.

Colored Organics also sends a portion of their proceeds to a special featured non-profit organization every month!


How many of us have bought pieces for our kids for them to only grow out of them in a matter of weeks? Kids are ever changing and growing making buying clothes a real struggle. BeyaMade is a unique sustainable kid clothing brand that offers customers options that grow with their children!

Their clothes come with extra snaps or buttons and even elastic that allows the piece to grow with your kiddo.


If you are looking for sustainable kids clothes that are a little more gender-specific, Jackalo may be your go-to store! These pieces are quite unique and are made of organic cotton.

Another aspect of this company’s product creation that is amazing is its prioritization of energy-efficient production. They make the earth a priority in everything they do whether it is creating a product or discarding unused materials!

Finally, Jackalo also offers customers a Trade-Up program. This program allows you to return your Jackalo pieces for a discount on new pieces! This is perfect since the clothing items here are priced a bit higher than the other sustainable kids clothing brands mentioned.

Clothes your kids won’t wear down

Finding sustainable kids clothes is easier now than it ever has been! Teaching our kiddos from the very start on the importance of the planet is crucial. What better way to do this than emphasizing this importance every day with the clothes they wear.

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