Ethical and Sustainable furniture

9 beautiful and sustainable furniture brands we love

Home is our happy place and what better way to make that the case with ethical and sustainable furniture. When we know we’re doing what we can to improve the lives of others and the healthy of the planet, we can rest easy in our beautiful space.

Here’s a selection of beautiful, ethical and sustainable furniture to help you on your quest to fill your home with pieces that will last. 

Made Trade is an online shop that only stocks ethical and sustainable products, including sustainable furniture. They pride themselves in making it easy for consumer to find and trust brands that produce ethical and sustainable products. Made Trade was created after they had troubles finding and purchasing ethical and sustainable products for their home.

Products: a wide range of furniture and household items

Simbly create US manufactured modern and sustainable furniture. Their products are created in ‘capsule collections’ to ensure that you get products that complement each other in your home.

They are passionate about sustainability and are aiming to become the climate positive furniture company in the world. It’s a big ask but that’s their goal and they’re working towards it every day. The steps they’ve taken to achieving this goal are using eco-friendly materials, one-for-one tree planting (a tree is planted for every piece sold), domestically made in North California, eco friendly packaging, healthy indoor air quality and space efficient shipping. 

Products: furniture and sofas.

Ethical and sustianable furniture

Oeuf produce a range of ethical and sustainable furniture, clothing and décor for babies and kids. They create beautiful cribs, toddlers beds and furniture using ethical and sustainable FSC certified wood from Latvia within a Forest Stewardship Certified facility.

They make sure all of their products are environmentally sound, from materials, to manufacturing processes, to recycled packaging. In order to protect both the children and their workers, Oeuf use only non-toxic, water-based finishes on all of their products and their materials that meet both the European E1 and Californian CARB 2 emissions standards.

Products: furniture and sofas.

Ethical and Sustainable furniture

Avocado Matresses was created out of the need for an affordable, green mattress made from natural and organic materials. 

Their mattresses are made in their own factory in California and are committed to maintaining affordability whilst being environmentally conscious, ethical and maintain sustainable business practices across their supply chain.

Products: furniture and sofas.


Ethical and Sustainable furniture

West Elm are committed to providing ethical, fair trade, organic and sustainable furniture and other products. Their aim to use sustainable materials, organic and low toxic fabrics, local craftsmanship and sustainably sources wood. They do also use recycled plastic bottles to create REPREVE polyester fabric. 

Products: a large of furniture, sofas and home decor

Medley was started by two brother, Travis and Ryan, in the early 2000’s. They were brought up in a ‘hippie’ home and learnt how to tread lightly on the planet. As a result, they knew they wanted to contribute to the health of the planet and help others live a more sustainable life.

Medley was born and they create handcrafted furniture in California. Not only that but they also put a lot of work into the materials they use. All of their products are free of fire retardants, ozone depletants, heavy metals, pesticides, known carcinogens and phalates. They use mature, solid wood that’s domestically sourced Alder hardwood for furniture frames and bamboo which is a very sustainable material. The cushioning they use is . The cushioning they use is CertiPUR-US cerified foam and
certified natural latex. The wool they use is sustainably sourced, cruelty-
free and Oeko-Tex 100 Certified. Whilst not al fabrics they use organic, they
are committed to using natural fibers and organic where possible.

Products: sofas, beds, dining and storage solutions.


Ethical and Sustainable furniture

Myakka only sell fair trade and ethically sourced products. They have long lasting relationships with their suppliers in India, Thailand and Vietnam. Their growth has given more trade and financial stability to the communities that are involved.

On top of that, they source sustainable wood for their furniture. They use sheesham, mango, monkey pod and reclaimed pine for their pieces. These are fast growing woods that are sourced from government-managed, sustainable plantations in India, Thailand and Vietnam.

Products: sofas, bedding, furniture and home decor

Ethical and Sustainable furniture

Sabai creates beautiful and affordable pieces that are made with sustainable materials and are domestically made with ethically manufacturing. Their sofas are made to order, meaning that you have the ability to choose the legs, fabric and cushions.

They use fabrics from natural fibers and recycled water bottles, FSC certified wood, certiPUR-US certified foam and recycled fiber pillows. All sofas are made in North California with sustainable packaging, no plastic is used and the ‘leg bags’ they use to protect the sofa legs double as a produce bag.

Products: sofas

Emeco started in 1944 creating chairs for the US Navy, they were made to last then and they’re still made to last. They are committed to sustainable practices and are able to use recycled materials including aluminium, PET, wood, cork, reclaimed wood polypropylene and eco concrete.

In 2010 Emeco and Coca-Cola collaborated to use consumer waster to be able to create a classic, sustainable chair. They were able to turn 111 recycled PET bottles into the 111 Navy Chair. This is where it started and now, they are able to continue to be able to create chairs 100% from recycled PET bottles, helping to reduce landfill.

Emeco started creating their chairs in a factory in Hanover, Pennsylvania in 1944 and proudly, still continue to make them there.

Products: chairs and tables