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12 Sustainable Christmas Gifts for 2020

Are you looking for ethical and sustainable Christmas gifts? 

We know how hard it can be to find ethical and sustainable toys so we’ve created the ultimate guide for gift giving in 2020.

Here are our top recommendations for 2020:

Grimms are a very widely known and trusted wooden toy brand. Not only do they create beautiful, open ended wooden toys to inspire imaginative play but they are also a sustainable brand. Grimms has the Forrest Stewardship Council seal of approval, meaning they contribute to the responsible use of global forest resources.

On top of that they use green energy, wood pellets are created from the remains of production, they pay their employees a fair wage, use recycled paper and packaging and also have a bicycle renting program for employees.


Other products: natural and rainbow blocks, rainbows and other puzzles.

The Dinkum Dolls are made with the softest Oeko Tex Certified cotton with sweet embodied facial features and a heart on their chests. Each dolls comes with it’s own removeable unisex outfit, diaper, socks and shoes. The stuffing is hypo-allogenic and their shoes are made from BPA ad Phthalate free PVC.

Others product: dolls, doll clothing and other accessories.

The Kids Beach Toy Set by The Beach People is a sustainable option instead run of the mill plastic version of beach toys. They are made from 40% unbleached compostable bamboo fibre and 60% bio-plastic. The handle is made with a hemp rope handle and is packaged up in a natural canvas bag with a mesh base and hemp rope.

Other products: round beach towels, homewares, bedding and bags

Plan Toys are made from natural rubber trees that are no longer used for latex production. They use formaldehyde free glue, organic color pigments and water-based dyes that don’t contain lead and other heavy metals.

Plan Toys have a wide selection of toys that they manufacture but the Plan Toys – Green Dollhouse is one of our favorites!


Other products: wooden toys including dolls houses and foods set, hairdresser sets and other combinations of wooden toys.

Baloo Blankets are the only eco-friendly, luxury weighted blanket
company, created with lead-free glad microbeads and soft premium cotton that cool
and breathable for year-round use. They are also phasing out plastic in their

Baloo is part of the NYC Fair trade Coalition and the
Ethical Brand Directory, they are a carbon neutral company and all their
products are certified vegan. They also donate a portion of profits to Pajama
Program, supporting vulnerable children at bedtime.

Other products: weighted blankets, linen duvet covers and linen pillow cases. 

Caaocho is a baby and bath toy manufacturer that are 100% our rubber. Their toys are safe for baby, renewable, environmentally sound and sources from responsible plantations.

All of their toys are certified non-toxic being BOA, PVC, Phthalate and Nitrosamine free and food-grade paint is used.

Other products: baby and bath toys

The KinderBoard helps children build balance and confidence by challenging their brain and nervous system. The Kinderboard is also great for open ended play, leaving the child to use the board in infinite ways.

The Kinderboard is made from eco-friendly materials including bamboo, eco-friendly stains and water-based lacquers.

Products: the Kinderboard

Explore Nook create beautiful bamboo waterways and ramps to help children gain a deeper understanding of maths and science concepts. They are an open-ended resource that gives the child opportunities to practice problem solving, open ended play and investigate rolling a variety of objects.

All products are created from bamboo, the ultimate sustainable resource.


Other products: bamboo waterways and other bamboo utensils.

The classic Jenga game with a twist, it’s created from recycled fishing net and there are pieces with endangered sea creatures that need to be saved! It’s the perfect opportunity to talk about and educate the child on sea life and why we need to protect it. Players will also learn about the effects of discarded fishing nets, which account for 10% of plastic pollution in the ocean.

Each set is made from over 25 square feet of fishing nets.

Other products: frisbees and skateboards

There hasn’t been much mention of plastic toys here but Green Toys make their toys from 100% recycled milk bottles. All Green Toys are manufactured within the US, resulting in a reduction of their transportation costs, greenhouse gases and carbon emissions. All of their packaging is from 100% recycled materials and they surpass the US and International standards for BPA and Phthalates.


Other products: a range of toys including bath toys and outdoor play. 

Eco Kids are a small family run business from Portland, Maine. All of their products are created in the USA and their core are creating both earth and kid-friendly products.

All of their products are made from ingredients that you can find on your pantry, giving you the peace of mind that your children can put it int their mouths and you don’t have to worry!

Eco-Kids packaging is eco-friendly with FDA certified paper, print them in a wind powered facorty and use soy based inks.


Other products: finger paints, play dough, crayons and paper

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