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Our Top Picks for Sustainable Maternity Clothes

Throughout pregnancy, our bodies can change dramatically. If you have ever been pregnant, you know the need for new clothes that fit your body is quite real. For those who wish to lead a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, this can be nerve-wracking. After all, you’ll most likely only wear certain pieces for the short amount of time you are pregnant anyway! This is why we need to hear more about the options for sustainable maternity clothes!

Here are our favorites!

6 brands that carry sustainable maternity clothes


Many times, the only thing we want to be during pregnancy is comfortable. The last thing on our mind is being sexy. Therefore, maternity clothing brands often create bland-looking clothes. Storq on the other hand provides women with sustainable maternity clothes they’ll wear again and again for their luxurious nature.

This brand practices ethical production through several countries including the United States, China, and Peru. Plus, they make a positive impact by giving back to communities through a partnership with the Homeless Prenatal Program. They truly want every pregnant woman to be taken care of and feel supported!

You’ll be able to enjoy various styles by Storq for anywhere between $30 and $300.

Sustainable materinty clothes Storq


To no surprise, our favorite sustainability brand also provides sustainable maternity clothes! Pact is seriously phenomenal with everything they do and provide for their customers in making a positive impact on the planet.

These clothing items are affordable! So, not only will you be saving the planet but you’ll be saving money too.

Plus, Pact promises fair trade practices through every step of production. You will feel confident knowing your clothes make a difference to the world and those on it.

Thankfully, Pact is beyond affordable! You can snag some amazing deals through this brand since their clothing items can be purchased for somewhere between $15-$40!

Sustainable maternity clothes Pact

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Prende Pants

While we talk a lot about clothes during pregnancy and clothes tailored to breastfeeding, we often don’t talk about clothes that help us moms out after pregnancy. Prende Pants was created by a mother seeking more support for the postpartum period. With this, a high-waist pant was created with four stages of adjustable compression to help support your postpartum body while it recovers after labor and delivery.

These pants are made with 76% recycled polyester and 24% Spandex. These materials help these wonderful pants feel like a gentle hug when being worn.

When purchased, you will find your pants being shipped in 100% recyclable material!

These are some pants you will want to invest in! For around $90, you won’t regret it!

Prende Pants Sustainable Maternity CLothes

Warp & Weft

One thing that can be difficult to find during pregnancy is denim. Warp & Weft don’t want moms to stress though! They have given us a solution.

This company provides moms-to-be with options when it comes to both jeans and overalls!

The team that makes these amazing denim products strive to use eco-friendly practices during production. Some of the most important things they do when creating their clothing items are recycling water and fabrics.

Since it is denim we are dealing with, the prices found on this website may seem a little higher than the others. However, that just comes with purchasing denim. In fact, this brand does a fabulous job at keeping the price of their denim affordable! Here, you can find their denim pieces for somewhere around $90.


This European brand is a must-have for sustainable maternity clothes. If you have ever been a breastfeeding mother, you know the pain of finding clothes tailored to nursing your infant. Whether it be nursing bras or simply a nursing shirt, it can be difficult.

Boob provides a line of nursing bras and apparel alongside a great selection of maternity clothes all made from organic and eco-friendly materials. This way, you can feel good about the clothes you wear throughout pregnancy and well after!

Being a European country, the price range for clothing items here is €30–€150. This is roughly $35 to $175.

Boob Sustainable Maternity Clothes

Isabelle Oliver

If you are looking for a brand that does it all, Isabelle Oliver is the one! While they provide pregnant women with beautiful sustainable maternity clothes, they also do a handful of good deeds that help the earth. These include donating 10% of their annual proceeds to charity, providing their customers the option of garment recycling, and limiting the fabrics they use to those purchased locally.

Here you can opt for brand new clothing or pre-owned clothing pieces for cheaper. Their new clothing items can typically be purchased anywhere between $50 and $200.

Sustainable maternity clothes

Display your bump in style

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel good in the clothes you wear. While comfort is key, feeling your best can also be important. After all, those hormones can surely get you feeling down at times!

That is why buying clothes that make you look and feel good is important!

By buying sustainable maternity clothes, you will feel your best while also creating a better future for your little one!

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