Non-Toxic Play Mats for the modern and non-toxic home

Must-Have Non-Toxic Play Mats for Baby!

Play mats for babies are an absolute must-have! They are great for several activities baby will partake in through their first year such as tummy time. Plus, anything that makes mom and dad’s life easier is a bonus, right? These mats are perfect to keep messes at bay while your little one plays and explores. If this is the first time shopping for a mat, here is why non-toxic play mats are the way to go!

As a new parent, the first thing you ever want to do is protect your baby. We simply cannot hold them 24/7 even though we may try! A great alternative is to place your baby on a play mat. Non-toxic play mats, in particular, have many advantages over the traditional play mats we see in stores.

Why buy non-toxic play mats?

Well, the traditional mats many of us are used to and may have purchased in the past contains PVC. This is a toxic form of plastic that no one wants around their precious new babe. Other harmful substances that are easily found in these mats include:

  • Flame retardants
  • EVA foam
  • Formamide
  • Phthalates

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Trust me, there are a ton more! It is important to have an idea of what goes into the products used on and for your baby. Learning about these materials is the first step of keeping baby the safest they can be! Next, knowing where to buy non-toxic play mats!

Non-Toxic Play Mats

Little Wiwa

Little Wiwa is a company from Melbourne, Australia that has created minimalistic Scandinavian-inspired non-toxic play mats. Their play mats are made from sustainable TPU foam materials that are 100% free of PVC, BPA, heavy metals and toxic chemicals. They are odourless, biodegradable and ethically made. Their mats have been thoroughly tested and comply with the Australian, New Zealand and European toy standards.

Their play mats are reversible and provide cushioning for tiny heads and knees. All mats are easy to clean and come in various designs, sizes and shapes.

Little Wiwa ships internationally.

SpotandStripe Play Mats

Made with 100% Japanese Cotton Duck, polyester quilted padding, and 100% Natural Unbleached Cotton Calico, this is one of the go-to non-toxic play mats for your little one! The way this mat is created, there are simply endless ways you can use it. 

This mat was specifically made for comfort and portability making the lives of parents far easier.

Speaking of making things easier on us busy parents, the washing instructions for these mats could make a mother cry. Happy tears, of course! 

These mats need to be popped into your laundry machine on a cool gentle wash with a low tumble in the dryer and that is it! 

With limited patterns available in the shop, these non-toxic play mats can be custom ordered with a pattern of your choice. The makers try their very best to suit your style needs!

Under the Nile Organic Cotton Rugs

Under the Nile has a line of non-toxic play mats that are unlike anything you have ever seen. First, they are absolutely gorgeous. Second, they are some of the most eco-friendly mats out there! 

These non-toxic play mats are created with leftover scraps from their clothing production and woven from 100% pure organic Egyptian cotton.

These stunning mats are handwoven and take around two days to complete! 

If you are worried about washing these mats, don’t be! They can be put in your washing machine with like colors and dried on warm/hot. 

Nature Baby Play Mat

Made from organic cotton sweatshirt knit fabric with organic cotton wadding, this play mat is heaven every newborn baby! While other play mats may be perfect for your growing child, this particular mat is the one and only for all things tummy-time. 

You won’t want to miss out by purchasing a different mat!

With this mat, you can fold and tie it up to pop it into your diaper bag and take it anywhere you want to go. 

Modular Cube Play Mat by CreamHaus

Something a little less mobile but extremely fun, we have the Modular Cube play mats! This set comes with four individual cube mats and are an excellent addition to any playroom. 

Whether your little one is just starting with tummy time or running and jumping through the room, there are several uses for these mats. 

These mats are made with thick non-toxic PE foam for the impact absorption needed by rambunctious toddlers. They are also hypoallergenic and tested to ensure no skin irritation issues for your kiddos. 

As for washing, these mats do take a little more time and effort than the others. However, if keeping them in a playroom, you could go longer in between washes! There is a six step washing and steaming process to provide the cleanest, safest, and softest play surface possible. 

Finch & Folk Play Mats

These non-toxic play mats are absolutely stunning! If you want one, however, you will need to be on the lookout. 

These play mats are considered a “pre-order” item because of their popularity. 

The bottom of this mat is created with Oekotex 100 certified material while the top fabric is GOTS organic cotton sateen! There simply isn’t a better option for a beautiful gender-neutral eco-friendly play mat. 

This mat, too, makes the life of parents easier by creating a play mat that is easily washable. This mat can be stuffed into your washing machine for a quick and seamless clean. 

Time to play!

Now that you have done your research, it is time to play! Don’t hesitate to purchase any one of these perfect non-toxic play mats. You simply cannot go wrong! You will find that it is one of the best purchases to date and your little one will love playing on them.

Plus, you will know they are doing so while staying safe and healthy with the added effort each of these brands put into making their non-toxic play mats! 

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