Non-Toxic Finger Paint for every home

Non-Toxic Finger Paint Suitable for Every Home!

One of the most fun and crucial parts of being a parent is helping foster your child’s creativity. Promoting creativity in your infant or toddler holds several developmental benefits such as fine motor skills and imagination. While it may not seem like your child needs to, using art in your child’s life can also help manage any stress they experience. If you have not yet explored the world of art with your child, now is the time! Finding a non-toxic finger paint may just be the next best art adventure you have with your child!

First, it is essential for any parent to do their research on which substances in art supplies must be avoided to ensure the safety of their little one.

Why is non-toxic finger paint important?

As we know, or you will soon find out, babies love to put everything in their mouths! This does not stop simply because they are finger painting. In fact, they may be even more excited because of the pretty colors and fun texture of the paint!

Anyhow, this paint is going to end up in or very near your little one’s mouth! That means, your baby is being exposed to a number of chemicals. This is far more important for kids than adults due to their immature immune systems. Some of the harmful substances found in traditional paint can include:


Petrochemicals are chemicals derived from petroleum or natural gas. They are important chemicals for many aspects of our lives. However, there are findings illustrating harm to humans with their exposure. While we may not be able to avoid them all of the time. Taking responsibility with knowing what ingredients are used in our children’s art supplies can help us limit their exposure!


Phthalates are a group of chemicals used for several purposes. Often times, these chemicals are used to create items like toys, detergents, food packaging, and personal care items like nail polish and hair spray. These chemicals, like their friend above, can have a harmful effect on humans with exposure. There are claims that these chemicals can damage the liver, lungs, kidneys, and reproductive system.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

VOCs are gases that are emitted from products we use in our home whether they are solid or liquid. Once released, they circulate the air we breathe. While they sound harmless since the word “organic” is front and center, they can be dangerous. 

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports issues as little as eye and throat irritation to more serious complications such as damage to the liver, kidneys, and central nervous system. 

The Best Non-Toxic Finger Paint

Eco-Kids Eco-Finger Paint

With this non-toxic finger paint, you simply add water! This paint set comes with five colors that you can mix and blend creating other beautiful colors to paint with. 

Paints are created with natural and organic fruit or plant and vegetable extract like blue shade vegetable, purple sweet potato, red cabbage, and curcumin. 

In addition to their amazingly eco-friendly paint, this brand packages their items in FSC Certified Paper taking saving the Earth to another level! 

Veggie Paint

Veggie Paint uses plants to make non-toxic finger paint for kids. They create vegetable-based powders from organic vegetables, they are safe enough to eat! Speaking of eating, Veggie Paint paints are vegan-friendly, gluten, dairy, nut, preservative and sugar-free.

Their paints come in a natural, rich color range suitable for both boys and girls.

Natural Earth Paint

As their description states, these paints are “made with real earth”. How exciting is that? 

These are 100% non-toxic baby paints and can create around 10 ounces of paint extending your painting time fun! 

This kit not only comes with paint suitable for the nursery, it also comes with one bamboo paintbrush completing this fabulous kit! 

Glob Paint

Glob All-Natural Paint Packet set includes six beautiful paint colors that makes 1-3 ounces of paint. These pain packets are all-natural and non-toxic being made from fruits, vegetables, flowers, and spices. 

Wee Can Too Finger Paint

If you are looking for a paint suitable for the nursery, look no further! The Wee Can Too finger paint was created with babies in mind ensuring only the best ingredients for those little ones who love putting anything and everything into their mouths. 

Ingredients for these paints are organic and vegan including only the best fruits and vegetables like blueberries, beets, and pumpkins. The creators made sure to exclude wheat, sugar, and preservatives too! 

Your little one can eat and paint all in one sitting. 

DIY Finger Paint from Organic Vegetables

When all else fails and you just aren’t sure which paint to choose, you may opt for creating your own! 

Maybe you were even looking at the ingredients of the paints above and wondering why you can’t mix together some ingredients since a majority of these non-toxic baby paints are made from fruits and vegetables! 

You are entirely correct! 

There are numerous recipes out there on the internet teaching parents how to make their own paint suitable for the nursery so don’t wait a second longer! 

Paint the picture of art appreciation

Teaching your children the importance of art at a young age is not only crucial, it is also rewarding. It is a blessing to watch your children learn how to create wonderful pieces of art they are proud of. 

In doing so, it is also necessary to ensure the products we hand our children in their art journey are safe to use. There are many harmful items on the market that children use every day! 

Doing your research first and choosing a non-toxic finger paint is the best route to go when starting off with art! 

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