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Have a Fun and Safe Playtime with These Non-Toxic Crayons!

Children. We all know of the strange things children do while playing. This is especially true during art time! Every parent knows the dreaded act of eating play dough that nearly every child partakes in! Since we know it is inevitable that art supplies will end up in our children’s mouths, it is best to supply only safe supplies. The following brands of non-toxic crayons are only the best to ensure a safe and fun art experience! 

Why Should You Invest in Non-Toxic Crayons?

I know that purchasing non-toxic crayons seems pretty silly when you may be going through them at lightning speed with your toddler. However, there are several considerations you should make when investing in art supplies for your little one! 

There aren’t many regulations when it comes to the use of chemicals in products we use every day. This includes the numerous art supplies we may provide for our little ones. If you are a parent to a toddler, you know that anything they get their hands on will end up in their mouth at some point! This means, our children are extremely vulnerable to the hidden chemicals inside of these art supplies. Even if they don’t end up shoving crayons into their nose or mouth, these chemicals can be absorbed through their skin as they color! 

Some of the dangerous chemicals we need to look out for in our art supplies include:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • PVC and phthalates
  • Formaldehyde
  • Lead
  • Touline
  • Xylene
  • Cadmium
  • Ammonia 

What are Non-Toxic Crayons Made Of?


Beeswax is a safe material to create non-toxic crayons as it is a natural ingredient. It is also stronger than other natural ingredients like soy wax so it is nice and durable for your rowdy toddler! 

Soy wax

Soy wax, while less durable than beeswax, is a great alternative to typical crayons for our littles. Soy wax comes from the natural soy plant making it a safe and organic choice.

Plant and veggie extracts 

While very few, there are some non-toxic crayons made of plant and vegetable extract giving beautiful natural colors to your child’s art. These non-toxic crayons can be pretty expensive but are ultimately the safest option for your child. 

What to Look for in Non-Toxic Crayons


First and foremost, no matter the brand of non-toxic crayons you purchase, you will want to investigate the ingredients used in them. Knowing what your crayons are made of is an important first step in deciding if you feel comfortable with your child using them on a daily basis. These ingredients should be listed on the crayon box! If they are not, check with the manufacturer. 

If you still find that you cannot figure the ingredients out or if they simply won’t send you a list, I think that is a pretty easy decision! Any crayon brand that will not disclose the ingredients used in their art supplies most likely creates their crayons using some type of toxic ingredient they don’t want you to know about!  


As we explored in the section above explaining what non-toxic crayons can be made of, the different ingredients like soy wax and beeswax can come with different levels of hardness. Beeswax crayons are more durable than soy wax crayons. If you plan to purchase non-toxic crayons for your toddler, you will most likely want crayons that have a higher hardness level as crayons tend to break pretty quickly with toddlers! 

With an increased level of hardness comes with some risks though. While these crayons may not break as easily, when broken they can leave small hard bits that can be a choking hazard. Make sure to always supervise your child’s art time!


A big misconception of natural non-toxic crayons is that the color is dull. While they may not always be as vibrant as top name brand crayons, these non-toxic crayons can still provide a beautiful coloring experience while also being safe for your child! 

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These brands know that these crayons are going to be used by little ones. They know how important color is! 

The Top 5 Non-Toxic Crayons for Serious Fun

Honeysticks Pure Beeswax Crayons 

These non-toxic crayons are made from 100% pure New Zealand beeswax. That is it! This company does not include any paraffin wax or cheap fillers in their crayons making these as natural as crayons come. 

These crayons are perfect for toddlers or those little ones just learning how to color as they come in unique chubby shapes perfectly fitting inside small hands. You can enjoy art time with the 12 vibrant colors they come in! 

Bobo’s Beeswax Crayons for Kids

Coming in 12 different colors, Bobo’s Beeswax crayons are the way to go! This company uses a large and easy-to-grip shape for small hands. They also come with double-pointed ends making coloring easy for those just learning how to use crayons. 

You may find that these are some of the more expensive non-toxic crayons. While this may be a major drawback, they are definitely worth it! Being made completely of natural beeswax, you child will enjoy art time to the fullest while still being safe. 

Plus, because of their shape, these crayons can’t roll away! What does this mean? They are less likely to be lost. So, in the long run, you may be saving money! 

Lebze Non-Toxic Crayons 

These non-toxic crayons are made of natural wax without any soluble components such as lead or asbestos. This company has obtained CPSC certifications in the United States and have met several safety standards in Europe making these crayons a great choice for children all over the world! 

Want to take art everywhere you go? These crayons may be the right choice for you. They are erasable on skin and washable on smooth surfaces like the bathtub or on tiles. 

Coming in 12 bright colors, these crayons twist just like a lipsticks tube. Since this is how they come, you may need to help your little one access the crayons while coloring. 

Merit Ocean Toddler Crayons 

Non-toxic crayons made for the older toddler or child, the Merit Ocean Crayons are both beautiful and unique. These crayons come in a large and round shape. The unique aspect of these crayons is their ability to fit on your child’s finger. This helps promote development of fine motor skills and also engages their creativity as they can learn to stack colors in different ways! 

While the company has taken special safety precautions like including a tiny hole through the crayon in the case your child swallows the crayon, I still wouldn’t let younger toddlers partake in coloring with them. Even then, you will want to make sure you supervise your child during art time no matter the age! 

GiBot Toddler Crayons

Another variation of non-toxic crayons that your child can stack together or on their fingers is the GiBot Crayons! Coming in 12 fun colors, these crayons are made of certified non-toxic materials safe for all ages. Though, again, practice caution with these as they are smaller than other crayons. 

Art Time Should be Fun and Safe!

As any parent knows, kids of all ages are known to put things in their mouth at some point during play. Instead of giving your child traditional crayons to color with, try investing in a safer alternative by purchasing any one of these non-toxic crayons knowing exactly what they are made of and what exposures your child will encounter. 

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