Non-Toxic Changing Pads for the Best Diaper Changing Experience!

Non-Toxic Changing Pads for the Best Diaper Changing Experience!

There are some things you simply must buy when preparing for baby. One of these items is related to all of the diapering you will be partaking in with your little one. Here, we have compiled only the best non-toxic changing pads to change your little’s bum on!

Finding the perfect changing pad is important because you will be surprised at how much your baby needs a diaper change. After a while, you may find that bending down to the floor for every change is exhausting! Having all of the essential tools ready to go for these diaper changes will make life with a newborn much easier.

Why buy non-toxic changing pads?

Well, think about it. Your little baby’s bum will be resting on that pad frequently through the day. His or her skin will be directly exposed to whatever material that changing pad is made of!

We all want was is best for our kiddo, right?

Of course!

Many mainstream changing pads contain harmful materials that you don’t want to expose your baby’s tush too. Some of these materials include:

Polyurethane foam

The problem with this foam is that many times it is made using flame retardant chemicals and contains VOCs. There are many alternatives to still give your baby a nice cushion to rest on while getting a new diaper. Some of these alternatives are leagues better than the polyurethane foam but still not the best option you can provide your baby. These can include soybean foams and certified foams.

The non-toxic changing pads discussed here all try to avoid the use of these types of foam!


PVC is a material that is widely used to waterproof items. This makes perfect sense in using this material for a changing pad. Seasoned parents know how often changing pads get peed on!

However, PVC contains phthalates and is known to be extremely harmful to the planet.

Again, companies try to use safer and better materials instead of PVC. One popular choice is PEVA vinyl. Though, this is still not considered the best option out there for your little one!

Flame retardant chemicals

There are several reasons you want to avoid items made with flame retardant chemicals in nearly every baby product you purchase. Many times, the chemicals used here are not entirely known making them a real safety concern.

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Mentioned above, VOCs are chemicals that we truly want to avoid. One well-known VOC is formaldehyde but there are many others you should look out for. A good way to avoid purchasing items with VOCs is to look for a certification such as the Greenguard Gold certification ensuring limited VOC exposure in the items you buy!  

The Best Non-Toxic Changing Pads for Your Nursery

Natural Wool Changing Pad

This changing pad is made of organic cotton sateen twill and premium eco wool batting. Doesn’t that sound nice? I think us parents would love to rest on this changing pad!

All joking aside, the materials this pad is made of eliminates all fear of harmful chemicals that often comes with the plastic or vinyl changing pads many people purchase.

Another amazing aspect of this changing pad is its origin of creation. Many Americans like to purchase items that are made in the United States and that is just what you get with this pad. This changing pad is handmade right in the U.S. of A.

However, there is a major downside to this changing pad that many parents are heartbroken over. That is, the way it needs to be washed. This is one of the few non-toxic changing pads that require handwashing.

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Changing Pad

There are many reasons this is one of the best non-toxic changing pads on the market! First, it is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. If that doesn’t sell this pad for you and you want to know more, just wait!

This changing pad is made from formaldehyde-free textiles and is latex-, phthalate-, and soy-free. Plus, it isn’t made using any material containing flame-retardant chemicals! Overall, it is a complete win for your baby’s bum. The pad itself is made from cotton completing avoiding the foam disaster of mainstream changing pads.

Now that we know the materials used in making this pad are safe, let’s talk about the safety features it is made with. This pad has raised sides and a safety strap help prevents any falls during changes.

Finally, cleaning this pad is an absolute breeze with its waterproof cover made from organic cotton. The waterproof coating used on this cover is made from biodegradable non-GMO sugarcane plastic avoiding any harmful chemicals traditionally used.

Moonlight Slumber Contoured Changing Pad

Another option made in the USA, this changing pad is made with three layers. The outside consists of an organic cotton cover. Beneath this layer, is a polyester knit waterproof cover. Finally, we have a plant oil-infused foam that is Greenguard Gold certified.

Remember, while we talked about avoiding foam, it is important to note it is Greenguard Gold certified. Therefore, if you have to go for an option like this changing pad, you can rest assured it is still safe for your little babe!

DaVinci Waterproof Changing Pad

A more affordable option for buying non-toxic changing pads includes the DaVinci Waterproof Changing Pad. With a price change, does come some changes though so you will want to weigh whether these changes mean investing in a more expensive option.

This changing pad is made with a polyethylene cover filled with 100% polyester fibers. Polyester is considered a synthetic but the huge bonus to this pad is that it is free on polyurethane foam, chemical flame retardants, and PVC. So, if you aren’t looking to spend more on a changing pad you may want to meet in the middle with this fantastic option.

Keep that tushy safe!

As a new parent, you may not realize how often you will be changing diapers. Or, you may not know just how long little ones are in diapers! You may be partaking in diaper changes for two or more years. Therefore, having the proper equipment to get the job done is absolutely necessary.

Investing in one of the above non-toxic changing pads will save you time, effort, and possibly your little one’s bottom!

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