Non-toxic bath toys to help reduce toxins and inspire creativity

6 Best and Safest Non-Toxic Bath Toys for Babies!

One of the most enjoyable parts of parenthood is seeing the fun your children have during bath time. There is something about splashing around and having specific special toys dedicated to the tub that is magical to a child. As parents, we only want what is best for our children and to ensure their utmost safety. In doing so, purchasing non-toxic bath toys is a must! Their non-toxic bath toys are a complete win in our book and are sure to be in yours too. 

Our Top Picks for Non-Toxic Bath Toys:

1. Boon Toys Water Pipes

2. Green Toys Recycled Milk Jugs Stacking Cups


What to Consider When Purchasing Bath Toys


There are several chemicals you must look out for when shopping for bath toys. Non-toxic bath toys are the way to go to ensure the safety of your child when having fun in the tub. What are these chemicals? The following are only a few to look out for and we will explore a little more about what these chemicals are and where to find them below!

  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Phthalates
  • Bisphenols 

Developmental stage 

Of course, you wouldn’t want to give your child non-toxic bath toys that are out of their developmental stage. They wouldn’t know how to play with it and it wouldn’t be beneficial to their growth! Oftentimes, whether you are looking for non-toxic bath toys or toys to use outside of the tub, the age requirement or suggestion is right on the front of the package! 

Just remember. Even if a toy looks super fun and you are excited to use it with your child, finding toys that are developmentally appropriate is crucial. 

Chemicals to Look Out for and Avoid

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

PVC is a carcinogen that can easily expose you to a well-known neurotoxin, lead. A huge issue with lead is its disruption on body functions like the endocrine system. Not only is this chemical harmful to humans, it is also extremely bad for the planet! 

PCV is commonly found in the softer plastic toys advertised to us for bath time. When looking at these toys, try to find the recycling number on the toy (most often on the bottom). If it is a 3, leave it be! It may be difficult to find this number though and that is why the safest option for finding toys not associated with PVC would be to purchase non-toxic bath toys stating they are PVC free!


Phthalates, much like PVC, can disrupt the endocrine system. When the endocrine system is disturbed, a number of issues can occur such as early puberty, impaired sperm quality, and reduced testosterone. This toxin, too, is found in soft plastic toys and are highly associated with toys also containing PVC. 

Following the same guidelines as above in finding toys that are PVC free or toys that are not plastic is the safest way to go! 

Bisphenols (BPA and BPS)

Again, these chemicals can be major endocrine system disruptors! The difference with these toxins and the ones above, is how you should look out for it. Instead of looking for a number 3, it is important you are looking out for a number 7 if you wish to stay clear of BPA and BPS. 

Toys containing BPA and BPS are typically harder than the ones above and most likely clear. Look for toys that are specifically labeled BPA-free. However, you still have to be careful even if it has this statement. Some companies are replacing BPA with BPS and still being able to advertise BPA-free tricking many parents wanting safer toys for their children. 

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Our Favorite Non-Toxic Bath Toys

Green Toys

A California-based company using 100% recyclable materials to produce some of the most fun toys your child will see for bath time! This company uses old milk bottles to make all of the classic toys you want to provide your child. 

Not only safe for your child but also safe for the planet. By using recycled material, Green Toys diverts plastic from landfills making a huge impact on the human carbon footprint. 

Green Toys Recycled Milk Jugs Submarine


  • Age recommendation: 1+ year
  • Made in the USA

Green Toys Recycled Milk Jugs Seaplane 


  • Age recommendation: 1+ years 
  • Made in the USA

Green Toys Recycled Milk Jugs Stacking Cups


  • Age recommendation: 6+ months 
  • Made in the USA
  • Six stacking cups numbered on the bottom 

Wee Gallery

Looking to make bath time fun and educational? Wee Gallery is the way to go! These bath books will magically change color as soon as they hit the bathwater. As your child grows and ages, they may lose interest in using bath books but you shouldn’t worry! These books can then be used as activity books and your child can paint to their heart’s content using a paintbrush and water ultimately promoting their fine motor skills as well! 

Wee Gallery Color Changing Bath Book


  • Waterproof 
  • Six pages 
  • Age recommendation: 1-3 years 

Boon Toys

Boon Toys is a perfect option for many families. Sometimes shopping for non-toxic bath toys can be expensive. We all want what is best for our children but budgets can get in the way. This company provides great options for safe toys! While some contain components of PVC or phthalates, they have all been found to be in compliance with the U.S. Federal Law specifically focusing on PVC and phthalates for children. These toys are BPA-free though! 

Boon Toys Jellies Suction Cup


  • 9 jellyfish suction cups 
  • Age recommendation: 1+ years 

Boon Toys Water Pipes


  • 5 colorful pipes 
  • PVC and BPA-free
  • Age recommendation: 1+ years 

Bath Time Made Easy, Safe, and Fun!

Bath time should be safe and fun! We worry too much about the safety of our children and we shouldn’t have to worry about something as simple as the toys they are using during bath time. The above companies make it easy knowing our children are the safest they can be while still having the most fun possible! These non-toxic bath toys are a must have!

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