Minimal Baby Registry

Our top tips for your minimalist baby registry

You know that baby registries are the best way to ensure that you get gifts that you want, and know you’ll love. But what happens if you’re a minimalist mom? There are ways that you can keep things to a minimum, even with a baby. Here are our best tips and tricks for a minimalist baby registry.

Before we get into it, you might not believe us when you say that it is possible to have a minimalist baby registry. If there’s ever a time to go overboard with stuff, it’s when you have a baby. Even the most minimalist mom to be can feel like they need all the stuff when the baby arrives. Guess what, it’s not needed and you can continue with your minimal ways even with a baby.


Why keep things minimal?

The answer is super simple, you don’t need it. 

The baby industry is thought to be worth over $100 billion dollars, meaning that they’ve gotten very good at marketing to moms-to-be and made you believe that you need it all. 

Keeping things to a minimum helps you spend more time with your little one and less time looking after all of those items. It keeps your routine simple and you know exactly what you have. Everything you own has a place and it keeps items out of our space. In a nutshell, going minimalistic with your baby will keep you sane and of course, will save you money.


Tips for your minimal baby registry

Ok, that all sounds great but how do you be a minimalist with a baby? Let’ look at our top tips for a minimalist baby registry.

Ask for items that have more than one purpose.

This makes sense, the more baby items that you can use for more than one thing, will mean you have fewer items.

A great example of this is burp cloths. There are so many things that you could use instead of buying burp cloths. You could use terry towelling cloth diapers, swaddles, hand towels, face washers and even old towels. 

Having items that have more than one purpose will really help you minimize the number of items you need. 

Use items that can be stored easily. 

Often the feeling of having too much comes from having too much in your view. When you have stuff cluttering up your space, it makes you feel overwhelmed. A great and easy to help with this is use items that are stored easily. 

Examples of this are ditching the highchair and either have your baby on your lap or get a booster seat that attaches to a dining room chair, babywearing instead of using a stroller and using a change pad instead of change table. 

Consider co-sleeping

When considering co-sleeping you need to make sure you’re doing it safely but it obviously minimizes the need for a crib. Dr Sarah Buckly has some great safe sleeping guidelines. If you decide to co-sleep you’ll save on the crib, crib mattress and crib sheets. 

Minimizing skin products and soaps

There isn’t a need for most skincare products, including soap for babies. If you do feel that you need something to moisturize consider using coconut oil. It’s gentle, safe, inexpensive and can be used for so many things.

Reconsider the need for a baby monitor

Most households have a baby monitor but when you think about, the reason you need it is that your baby isn’t with you. Have you considered having the baby nap during the day near you and having them sleep in your room overnight? It is recommended that you room share for at least 6 months and preferably a year. 

I know this isn’t for everyone but it’s something to consider. 


Items to have on your minimal baby registry 

Linen Ring Slings or Wraps

Babywearing is amazing and it has so many benefits including soothing your baby, helping their social and cognitive development, bonding with your baby, people are less inclined to touch your baby when out in public and it gives you the ability to be handsfree when carrying your baby.

On top of that, ring slings and baby wraps are fairly easy to use, don’t require much space to store or carry them and they aren’t bulky and awkward to use. 

There are some great brands out there but our favorite ring slings are the linen slings from Nalakai. They make ring slings in both linen and bamboo and use vegan and eco-friendly fabrics and dyes. 

Non-toxic changing mat

Change tables are really bulky and can take up so much space. A great alternative is to use a non-toxic changing mat that you can place on any surface and change your baby. You can place them on the bed, a set of draws, table or the floor. They are also really affordable. We recommend the organic change mat from Naturepedic.

Minimalist baby regitry - Naturepedic change pad

Non-toxic crib and mattress

Unless you’re planning on co-sleeping, then you’re going to need a crib and mattress. It’s surprising how many chemicals are used in the manufacturing of both the crib and mattress. We recommend purchasing a non-toxic crib, such as the Oeuf Sparrow Crib and an organic mattress such as Ultrabreathable Organic Crib Mattress by Naturepedic. Naturepedic also stocks organic, 100% cotton crib sheets.

Minimalist baby registry Nautrepedica ultrabreathable mattress


A non-toxic car seat

Baby car seats are an absolute non-negotiable but you have plenty of options out there. Of course, we recommend a healthier option and purchasing a non-toxic car seat that uses a natural fire retardant instead of chemicals. Our favorite brand is the Uppababy Jordan car seat, it can also be paired with the Uppababy stroller for a travel system

Uppababy Jordan car seat non toxic

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Cloth diapers

We all know how much diapers add to landfill and one option to help reduce landfill is to purchase cloth diapers. Honestly, they’re not as time-consuming as you would imagine and are super easy to use. 

They come in a range of colors and patterns. Our favorite brand is GroVia and they great value for money packs when you buy them in bulk.

Cloth diapers organic baby registry

Another option is to use biodegradable diapers, such as Honest Company Diapers.

Minimalist baby registryHonest Company biodegradable disposable diapers

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Organic Sleepsuits

If your baby sleeps in his own sleep space, like a crib, then sleepsuits are a great option. It’s not recommended that you have blankets on babies due to an increased SIDS risk. A sleepsuit keeps your baby warm and isn’t a SIDS factor. If your baby is cosleeping then please don’t use a sleepsuit as your baby could overheat. Organic and sustainable sleepsuits from Noble Carriage are recommended. 

Noble Carriage sleep suit - organic baby registry

Reusable Nursing Pads

Leaky breasts are so common and can be an embarrassing problem! With nursing pads, you can disposables or you can purchase reusable nursing pads. They’re easy to use, effective and will help you reduce your waste. We also find that they’re more comfortable and allow your body to breath easier. 

Baby Napper or Sleep Pod

It is recommended that you have your baby sleeping close to you and it’s reassuring especially if you don’t want to use a baby monitor. A baby napper could be a great option for you. We recommend this organic sleep pod from Askr + Embla.

Organic baby registry - sleep pod

When should you get your minimalist baby registry ready?

We recommend getting started as soon as you can! The more time you have to do your research and give people notice, the better. So get started!

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