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The Best Affordable and Sustainable Linen Clothing Brands

Without a doubt, linen is the best fabric you could wear during the warmer months of Summer and Fall. However, there are many great benefits to wearing linen that you may not know about! That is why it is essential to research and purchase products from some of the best linen clothing brands out there.

The benefits of linen

Simply put, linen is the best fabric for clothing! It is lightweight making it breathable and durable meaning it will last longer. Though, there is a lot more to love about this material than its breathability. Some of the biggest reasons include:

Linen is made from the flax plant

Why is this so important? If you are looking for a great sustainable product, this may be one of the most important aspects of why you would purchase linen. This plant requires little water to grow. Therefore, the production of linen from plant to product requires fewer resources!

Linen is biodegradable

As long as the linen you purchase is untreated, the material is biodegradable. With this being said, you will want to avoid linens that have been dyed with synthetic dyes or treated with harsh chemicals like bleach.

The Best Linen Clothing Brands

Pyne and Smith

Offering only the best linen dresses, Pyne and Smith is one of the best linen clothing brands in the United States! Based in California, the products from this company are made using European flax linen.

Caring deeply for the earth and their workers, this company refused to start production until they found factory partners promising to pay fair wages to their employees. This took almost two years! You can rest assured the products made by this company are made with love!

Pyne and Smith linen clothing brands

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Eileen Fisher

Made in Indonesia, Eileen Fisher products are a must! Priced anywhere between $110-$300, you can find a range of clothing including dresses, jumpsuits, pants, skirts, shorts, tops, and jackets. This organic linen clothing brand promises the highest standard for eco-friendly products.

Eileen Fisher linen clothing brands


Priced much more affordably for fantastic linen, Linenfox provides accessories, jackets, tops, jumpsuits, pants, skirts, dresses, and more for their customers. These great products can be purchased for around $5-$110 depending on the item. This is one of the most unique linen clothing brands due to each of their linen garments being cut and sewn locally in Lithuania!

Linen Fox linen clothing brands

Love & Confuse

Similarly priced at around $50-$100, Love & Confuse also offers products out of Lithuania! This is one of the many linen clothing brands that take the utmost responsibility for the clothing they make and give to the world.

Their products are made with 100% natural linens and packaged with recycled materials all while partaking in ethical manufacturing practices.

Love and Confuse Linen clothing brands

Magic Linen

Linen clothing brands from Lithuania must know exactly what they are doing because here is the third linen clothing brand that shines! Magic Linen products can range from $50-$130 and is made from high-quality European linen fabric.

Magic Linen linen clothing brands

Neu Nomads

Priced slightly higher due to their products being made from organic linen, Neu Nomads offers products ranging from $120-$160! Based out of Delhi, this brand manufactures all of its products from family-run factories that are ethically conscious of their workers by paying fair wages and providing medical care.

New Nomads linen clothing brands

Whimsy and Row

The products offered through Whimsy and Row are made from Belgian flax plants and produced slowly in small quantities. This contrasts with today’s fast fashion! Being shipped in recycled packaging, this brand also commits itself to protect the earth.

Linen clothing brands we love!

Two Days Off

From the United States, Two Days Off is one of the pricier linen clothing brands but is worth it! Offering dresses, skirts, and tops, this brand provides products that are zero-waste and made from deadstock. This is material that is no longer available or never sold. Essentially, they make sure to use all material and never waste it!

Two Days Off Linen Clothing Brands


One of the linen clothing brands that is growing more and more conscious about being size-inclusive, Poplinen cares about its customers and its workers! This company produces their clothing in Los Angeles in small batches while ensuring their workers are being paid living wages.

Aside from promising an ethical production, this brand also practices eco-friendly packaging by shipping their pieces in recycled packages.

Linen Clothing brands we love

Love the earth. Love linen

With the many benefits wearing linen offers to not only the wearer but the planet as well, there is no doubt this is a must-have fabric in your closet! Knowing which brands you can trust to offer only the best linen quality is the right place to start.

Research which brand resonates with you the best and start your journey to having a more eco-friendly and ethically conscious wardrobe!

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