Organic Basics

6 Ethical Underwear Brands We Love

Good quality, ethical underwear should be a staple in every wardrobe. Not only do you wear them every day but they’re also coming into contact with our more sensitive areas!

And what better way to support other women around the world by wearing ethical underwear!

Ethical Underwear Brands

Organic Basics

Ethical underwear - Organic Basics

Ethical and Sustainable practice: Organic Basics only use factories that align with their ethical practices and ones that help reduce their carbon footprint. These factories ensure their workforce are free of child labor and forced labor, their workers are in a safe working space, they’re paid a living wage and offered perks such as free meals and childcare.

Their products: they create super comfortable basic ethical underwear whilst using organic cotton, and recycled materials, ensuring they’re helping to reduce landfill. They also have their signature activewear range, SilverTech.

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WAMA Underwear

WAMA Underwear

Ethical and Sustainable Practices: WAMA Underwear use hemp fabric, hemp cultivation is more environmentally sustainable than other crops, including cotton. They’ve partnered with factories that improve the lives of their workers by paying fair wages and creating safe workplaces. They also use small, family-run hemp farms to source their hemp.

Products: WAMA Underwear creates comfortable underwear using hemp. Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-odour fabric. It’s super comfortable and soft. Hemp is known for its ability to soften with every wash. Their products include underwear,

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Ethical underwear -Pact

Sustainable and Ethical Practices: Pact are Fair Trade Factory Certified and only use organic cotton, recycled packaging, non-toxic dyes and chemicals and use shipping that has a carbon-neutral footprint. Pact also has a clothing donation program for used and new clothes.

Products: Pact’s ranges are varied, including underwear. They use organic cotton and aim to be affordable and trendy.

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Knickey - Ethical and sustainable underwear

Ethical and Sustainable practices: The main focus of Kinckey is on providing organic cotton underwear. They do however commit to using fair trade farms, facilities and factories. Their packaging is also made of recycled products and low impact inks.

Products: They provide ethical underwear that is GOTS certified organic. Their range include basic cuts in a range of skin colors and is comfortable, gentle and breathable.

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Ethical and sustainable practices: Boody is committed to creating high-quality products whilst having a minimal footprint on the planet and the people that live here. They are Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified, meaning they have to comply with 12 principles including no child labor or forced labor. Boody also commits to reinvesting 1% of profits back to the planet.

Products: They create a range of ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free products including underwear, activewear, baby and loungewear.

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ModiBodi - Period Proof underwear

We’ve decided to include ModiBodi here because if you haven’t been introduced to ‘period-proof’ underwear, you’re seriously missing out! And you’re contributing massively to landfill with the average women using almost 12000 tampons or pads in a lifetime.

Ethical and Sustainable practices: Whilst the ModiBodiwebsite does state that they use fair work factories, there isn’t a lot of information about it. They do however use sustainable materials including bamboo and merino (as the absorbency layer) but they do have also have a vegan range. In terms of the environment, they’re doing their part to reduce disposable sanitary products to reduce landfill.

Products: ModiBodi has a range of cuts and absorbency in their period-proof underwear. They also have a swimwear range and maternity range including maternity underwear and leak-proof maternity singlets.

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We hope that helps you make conscious purchases for your ethical underwear choices!