31 Bits ethical and sustainable jewelry

6 Must-Have Ethical & Sustainable Jewelry Brands

There is nothing like that perfect statement piece to make you feel like you are on the top of the world! Often, this statement piece involves a rockin’ piece of jewelry. 

Am I right? 

Let me tell you though, how to make this feeling even better! You can strut into your next office meeting wearing gorgeous jewelry that makes you feel fabulous and know you are contributing to a better world by ensuring this jewelry is both ethical and sustainable. 

Can’t believe it? Take a look at these ethical and sustainable jewelry brands and shops and never look back!

ABLE is a remarkable company that goes above and beyond for those working for them and their customers. ABLE strives to create business opportunities for women. This is largely due to their belief that empowering women ultimately boosts families and entire communities!

All products by this brand are made in Nashville so having peace of mind that products are made close to home is never an issue. Plus, you simply can’t beat the prices this company offers for sensational sustainable jewelry!

Made Trade is a marketplace for all things ethical and sustainable, including sustainable jewlery. They have several elements when purchasing jewelry that make this company stand out! You can be more intentional with the jewelry you own by buying through this brand. They let you know if it is Fair Trade, what country it was made in, and who made it!

Choosing items from Arlokea makes an impact in two different ways. 

First, this brand fights issues related to poverty, health, and education. Therefore, when you purchase from this company, you are supporting individuals making changes in these areas. 

Secondly, you are choosing a brand that desires to be the most eco-friendly they can be! Arlokea uses eco-friendly materials in its products ensuring the most ethical and sustainable jewelry for customers!

If a longstanding sustainable jewelry business is what you are after, look no further! Ten Thousand Villages has been in the game for over 70 years providing Fair Trade products. This brand is essentially the ‘mother’ of all other sustainable jewelry brands due to its impact on laying the groundwork for sustainable products in numerous developing countries.

With this company being so grand, you would think an element of personalization may be lacking. This simply is not the case! Ten Thousand Villages still provides stunning handmade pieces from around the world.

Brilliant Earth goes above and beyond when it comes to the ethical and sustainable jewelry they provide their customers. This company uses only recycled and refined metals and they use diamonds that are guaranteed to be from ethical sources.

What’s more?

Brilliant Earth donates 5% of its proceeds to mining communities where they operate their business!

31 Bits is a great sustainable jewelry brand that works with women in Uganda to create high-quality jewelry. This high-quality jewelry is also greatly affordable! The price range for their best-selling products is $19-$52. A very small price to pay for a truly ethical and sustainable jewelry brand!

This brand truly cares about the women creating these products. The company offers many benefits to those working there such as counseling, health care, business mentorships, and financial education.

We often purchase items without thinking of where our money goes. With this brand, it is important to know that your purchase directly impacts those making your product. The jewelry through 31 Bits is fair trade and is only funded by product sales.

why ethical and sustainable jewelry?

80% of all gold mine production is due to the high demand jewelry presents. Since there is such high demand, there are many jewelry-making practices that are dirty and unethical.

Sustainable living entails reducing the use of Earth’s natural resources and being aware of the impact your choices make on the Earth and those around you.

By choosing to purchase sustainable jewelry, you could (technically) trace the materials used to make your jewelry back to its origin. Having this ability is important because you know the process your products went through to be made. Better yet, you know this process had no negative impact on those who made it or the environment!