Ethical pajamas that you'll sleep well in

Ethical Pajamas That Will Help You Sleep Soundly

When you think about how much time you spend in bed, you want to make sure you’re making organic, sustainable and ethical choices where possible, which includes sustainable and ethical pajamas.

Luckily, we’ve done all the research for you and put together the ultimate list of ethical pajama brands that we know you’ll fall in love with as much as we have!

Boody is one of our favorite ethical clothing businesses! Not only do they make beautiful ethical pajamas but they also have a great range of sustainable and ethical underwear (link).

Boody is an Australian company that uses bamboo, a super sustainable choice, to create extremely comfortable underwear and pajamas. They pride themselves on their comfort factor and as a lover, I have to agree!

Not only are they comfortable but they also come with ECOCERT, PETA, FSC and OEKO-TEK certifications.

Boody Ethical Pajamas

JJWinks is a female-founded company started by two friends. They’re on a mission to create a blend of comfortable and attractive sleepwear. They found there were only two types of sleepwear, the sexy and the super modest varieties, and they wanted something in between. JJWinks was born!

Not only are their designs gorgeous and functional but they are also made in the USA with sustainable fabrics that is also produced in the US. The fabric that is used is rayon made from birch trees which is much more sustainable than cotton.

JWinks Ethical Pajamas

Symbology’s tagline is ‘making fair trade sexy’ and they most certainly live up to it! They use fashion as a platform for empowering women, preserving handicrafts and to provide sustained and ethical employment to women. Each piece is handcrafted by women in developing countries using traditional techniques. 

Symbology also stocks a wide range of other clothing, gifts and even ethical wedding dresses.

Symbology Ethical Pajamas

Ettitude is a female-founded and led sustainable bedding company that produces a range of bamboo sheets, towels and sleepwear. They chose to use bamboo in their products because it uses less water, grows organically easily and requires less land than cotton to grow. 

On top of creating beautiful pieces, they are on a mission to help the environment and its people. In 2020 they contributed to the Black Lives Matter movement, One Girl (a non for profit that harnesses the power of education to drive change for girls), the Australian bushfires and 5x their contribution to 1% for the Planet. They are a small company making a huge impact.

Ettitude Ethical Pajamas

Boden is on a mission to create ethical and sustainable clothing that lasts, for the whole family. They are obsessed with making clothes where the fabric doesn’t shrink, buttons don’t fall off and threads stay where they should be. In fact, they are so confident that their clothes will last that they give you a 365-day guarantee. They even include name labels for 4 children in their coats! That’s confidence!

All of their clothes are produced in safe working factories across all 152 factories in 15 countries that they use. 

Not only do they create beautiful and long-lasting clothes but also ethical pajamas for the whole family. There may even be a few awesome matching family sets!

Boden ethical and sustainable pajamas

Organic Basics proudly manufactures organic and ethical underwear, sleepwear and basic wardrobe staples. Everything they make is designed to last and therefore a lot of work goes into their factories. They only work with trusted and certified factories that are free of child labor, forced labor, have safe working environments and workers are paid a living wage. 

These are staples that you can’t live without!  

Organic Basics ethical pajamas

Leena Lu is a sustainable and ethical brand that manufactures in Peru in factories that adhere to fair trade regulations. They make super comfortable sustainable and ethical pajamas and loungewear, using 100% GOTS fabric from Peruvian farmers. 

Leena Lu organic, ethical and sustainable pajamas

Coyuchi have such a great range of sustainable and ethical pajamas! There are so many brands out there that have a few to chose from but Coyuchi has more! As well as that, you can choose from their organic bedding like duvets, sheets and bath accessories. 

Coyuchi uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and organic linen in the manufacturing of all of its products. They partner with Fair Trade Certified businesses from start to finish to make sure they are producing ethically produced products. 

On top of that, they also contribute to the greater good of the planet and its people by partnering with the Chetna Coalition that supports ethical farming in India and 1% for the Planet.

Coyuchi sustainable pajamas

People Tree is a sustainable company that makes ‘truly conscious clothing’ and was a pioneer in the industry, starting way back in 1991. Every product that is created is made with the highest ethical and environmental standards from start to finish. They use organic cotton, responsible wool and TENCEL in their garments and make sure they maintain artisan skills like handweaving, hand embroidery and knitting. 

People Tree not only create beautiful ethical pajamas but also contemporary clothes, underwear and accessories.

People Tree Ethical and Sustainable pajamas

We hope that we’ve helped you make more ethical, sustainable and organic choices when it comes to your pajamas!

You can now sleep soundly!

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