Ethical Lingerie Brands for ethical moms

Ethical Lingerie Brands for Every Body Type!

One of the first things we dress ourselves with every day is underwear. Whether this is for a regular day at work, a night out on the town, or a super hot date! Whatever the occasion, knowing that we are wearing ethical underwear is a must. Ethical lingerie brands are becoming more and more popular as regular clothing brands are switching to a more sustainable method of making clothing.

However, they are not as popular just yet! Therefore, you need to do a little looking! This makes finding ethical lingerie that makes us look and feel amazing intimidating! It could be marked with a statement claiming to be ethical but is it?

After much research, the following are top of the line ethical lingerie brands that can get you started on the path to sexy and sustainable lingerie!

Top 6 ethical lingerie brands


Ethical underwear -Pact

Pact apparel specializes in cotton basics for every body type and occasion. You can rest assured that you are getting some of the best ethical lingerie from this company as it strives to ensure its entire supply chain is ethical. This means from the harvesting of its cotton to its product creation. Sizes for these products range from XS to XL and you can expect to spend anywhere between $12-$50!

Organic Basics

Ethical Lingerie Brands that love your body

Organic Basics focuses on creating comfortable everyday underwear from organic materials. This company weaves silver into the organic cotton used in their products making them antibacterial and heat regulating! This makes pieces sustainable by allowing those who wear their products to go longer in between washes. When shopping here, you can anticipate spending between $40-$170 on products.

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Ethical Lingerie Brands - Reformation

If you are looking for the ultimate balance of comfortable and sexy, Reformation is where you need to go! This brand gives its products a bohemian flair creating a delicate and intimate look. Sustainable underwear is a staple element to this company. Some of their best products include their lace bralettes made from recycled nylon.

One of the most amazing parts of this company is its complete transparency in their product creation. You can check out their website to learn more about their sustainability model and how they commit themselves every day to creating ethical products.


Knickey - Ethical Lingerie Brands

Knickey is a brand committed to helping women across the world. They are dedicated to learning more about women’s health and what they can do to make their products better. Millions of women suffer every year from various infections brought about by synthetic fabrics and toxins found in regular underwear. Knickey uses organic cotton in their underwear to ensure breathability for those who wear them!

This company offers many types of underwear such as thongs, bikinis, briefs, and hipsters in sizes ranging from XS to XL. When purchasing from this company, you will simply pay $13 a pair!

What is even cooler about this company?

Once you have worn your underwear a billion times (because don’t we wear far longer than we should?), Knickey will take your garments back so that they are recycled safely and turned into new materials to be used out in the world!


Ethical Lingerie Brands - Proclaim

Something quite special about Proclaim is that they not only strive to have sustainable underwear, but they also do so in many shades and sizes! One of the only companies that give buyers a larger size range, Proclaim gives the option of purchasing items in S through 3XL.

This sustainable lingerie is created from Tencel and Repreve which are polyester fibers made from recycled plastic water bottles! In today’s world, this is as important as ever! Proclaim’s website details just how many water bottles are saved from a landfill by creating each of their products. For example, a bralette diverts three plastic bottles while a bodysuit diverts 15!

These products can be found for $28-$80!


Ethical Lingerie Brands - Cosabella

Cosabella is an ethical lingerie brand that specializes in luxury lingerie. The bralettes, boyshorts, and babydolls that are created by this company are all made from lace, mesh, and satin fabrics. A great part of this company is that they provide a range of sizes and maternity options! Those pregnant mamas should also feel sexy! Am I right?

The pieces from this company can be priced between $18-$300.

Living every day ethically

Many factors go into making the perfect underwear! They must be comfortable, sexy, and used for several occasions. However, a new requirement has made its way to the forefront! That is, being ethical. Ethical lingerie brands are something we will be seeing more as companies learn the importance of sustainable living. This all starts, though, with you!

Start today living a more ethical lifestyle. Find comfort both physically and mentally in switching to sustainable lingerie!

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