Ethical Jeans we love

Ethical Jeans for Men and Women

Jeans are a staple for every wardrobe! You can dress them up and dress them down for any event or occasion. If you are a woman, you may know the difficulty of finding the jean brand that works for you. It can be difficult finding jeans with the right fit for your body type and once you do find these jeans, it’ll take a lot for you to switch. Know, let me tell you just how important it is to consider switching to one of many ethical jeans out there!

Your current jeans

If you haven’t already taken the plunge, done the research, and found an amazing pair of ethical jeans, the following information may shock you! There are several harmful effects many of our jeans have on the earth when not made using an eco-friendly and ethical method.

  • It takes around 7 thousand liters of water to produce only one pair of jeans
  • The distressed look you love so much? This uses a technique called sandblasting and can cause irreversible lung disease
  • Many of the jeans we wear are made by children working in sweatshops for barely any pay

Of course, the list could go on and on. However, these are only some of the worst aspects of buying jeans we have traditionally worn.

“But we have been buying these jeans for so long! How do we even know where to begin when switching?”

What you need to know about buying ethical jeans

There are specific requirements you should look for when purchasing from ethical jean brands. As we have learned over and over again when buying ethical and sustainable clothing, brands can market with these terms when their product is the complete opposite! Therefore, doing our research before buying is crucial. The following are things to look out for to ensure you are purchasing ethical jeans:

  1. The jeans are made locally
  2. They are made in fair trade factories
  3. The jeans are made with less water
  4. They are not made by using techniques like sandblasting
  5. The jeans are made with pesticide-free organic cotton

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Where to buy ethical jeans


Howies ethical jeans

Howies is a company based in the UK that makes high-quality clothing for those who are active! This company promises ethically produced products that are made from organic, recycled, or natural materials. As quoted on their website, “the best thing we can do for the environment is make our stuff last longer”.

Their commitment to sustainability is shown by the materials they use and how they run their business! All aspects of this company aim toward doing as little harm to the environment as possible while making the highest quality material for their consumers.



Patagonia Ethical jeans

Patagonia is a company that is loyal to the earth. This company has pledged 1% of all sales to preserve and restore various environments since 1985! They have even taken a step further and continuously ask other businesses to do the same. Patagonia knows the importance of the plant’s health in making the future brighter!



ABLE Ethical Jeans

ABLE is a US-based denim company that focuses on jeans, jackets, and shirts. This company vows to obtain fair employment standards making them fair trade!

This is specifically geared toward women workers as well. They employ and empower women in hopes to take larger steps in ending poverty. They state the importance of high quality not only in the products they create and offer their customers but in the life of those that work for them as well.



Bluer Ethical Jeans

Bluer is a United States ethical jean brand with a unique twist! This company is so dedicated to being sustainable and eco-friendly that they accept jeans back to be recycled.

The foal of this company is to break fast fashion because of the damaging effects it has on the planet and society. Many ethical jean brands focused on making sustainable jeans for those who were more active outside. This company started thinking about how they could transition this thinking into making ethical jeans for all activities. Inside and out!

After all, jeans are most often worn casually.

Unlike other ethical jean brands, this brand takes it a step further with the female shopping population. They specifically call out women shoppers and the mental load we carry when shopping for jeans. It can be a huge mental cloud looming over our heads!

Jeans either make you feel sexy or… the complete opposite. Bluer strives to offer ethical jeans for women that make them feel comfortable and happy shopping for jeans!


Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch Ethical Jeans

Taylor Stitch creates ethical jeans for both men and women in the USA! Questioning their durability? Their company statement says it all! As quoted on their website, their products are “responsibly built for the long haul”.

This company truly cares what its customers say about their products. Taylor Stitch spent 10 years gathering feedback from buyers to make their products the best that they can be and still seek improvement. This improvement doesn’t stop at simply making their products better either. They are constantly asking questions about how their company can make a positive impact and protect the earth!

Ethical jeans for the win!

Well, maybe not immediately.

Listen. I get it.

After taking a look at the amazing ethical jean brands listed above, you might feel overwhelmed with choices and price points! Most of the jeans found through these brands are priced higher than the average jean you’d buy at your local store.

BUT… think back on the harmful effects those jeans have on the world and people in it! The ethical jeans through these brands are just that. Ethical.

The jeans you spend a little extra on now will last longer both physically and with the positive mark, they leave on the world! Now that is a win.

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