Crulty free nail polish brands

15 of the Best Cruelty-Free Nail Polish Brands

You can walk into almost any store and find nail polish in a variety of brands and colors. Some of the most popular nail polish brands can be found here and for cheap! Have you thought, though, how these nail polishes impact our world? Odds are, you haven’t! It is more important now than ever to start thinking about the brands you purchase. Here are 15 of the best cruelty-free nail polish brands out there!

(Plus, an important look into the biggest culprits in the nail polish industry for animal testing!)

Cruelty-Free Nail Polish Brands

The following cruelty-free nail polishes range from high end to drugstore brands. Therefore, they also come at varying prices. Some are more affordable granting everyone the chance to live a more ethical life by purchasing beauty products never tested on animals!


Pacifica is a common and highly valued beauty brand! They offer a great selection of cruelty-free nail polishes at Target and online. These nail polishes are also “7-Free”, gluten-free, and vegan!

L.A. Colors

L.A. Colors gifts us with amazing cruelty-free nail polishes in several colors! Their cruelty-free status is verified by PETA which has also verified the status of their parent company called Beauty 21. Plus, you can find these nail polishes everywhere. They are available at Target, Walmart, online, and at many drugstores.


Julep provides cruelty-free nail polishes that can be found in the Beauty Box subscriptions and Ulta! Not all nail polishes by this company are vegan which is important to know if vegan products are a must. However, the nail polishes Julep offers are “5-Free”!

Hard Candy

Hard Candy nail polish comes in super fun colors and can be found nearly everywhere since they are sold at Walmart and online!


Essence is a nail polish brand that is not only affordable but offers a huge selection! Essence nail polishes can be found in drugstores and Ulta. Not only has Essence verified that they do not test their finished products or raw materials on animals, but they also don’t sell their products in locations where animal testing is required by law!


E.l.f is another affordable nail polish that can be found in drugstores and online. These cruelty-free nail polishes are great because the ingredients used in them are also vegan! Plus, they contain Vitamin E which promotes nail strength.


Colourpop has numerous beauty lines including cruelty-free nail polish! In fact, you can find their statement saying they are “100% fur baby friendly” and “bunny approved”. How sweet! These polishes are absolutely stunning. What’s more? They are “7-Free” and vegan!

China Glaze

China Glaze nail polishes are a great option for lower budgets. These cruelty-free nail polishes can be found in many places including most drugstores and Ulta. These nail polishes are also often found at nail salons. If you get your nails done, make sure to be on the lookout!

100% Pure

100% Pure is a drugstore brand that can be found in a few different locations. These nail polishes can mainly be found in Walgreens and online. 100% Pure’s cruelty-free nail polish is also “10-Free” and vegan. Talk about an amazing drugstore brand! Make sure to read through the ingredients before you buy though! Some of these nail polishes can contain beeswax and honey.

Beauty Without Cruelty

As the name implies, Beauty Without Cruelty is a cruelty-free nail polish brand that you cannot miss! If you are looking for an ethical and natural beauty brand, this is it. These nail polishes are never tested on animals and are 100% vegan!

Color Club

Color Club offers us everything we would ever want when it comes to polish! Not only does this company give us some of the best cruelty-free nail polish, but it also provides nail art and gel. What is cool about this company? Well, they are entirely run by women! If you are excited about female empowerment, this company may just be your go-to nail polish brand!


GOSH provides cruelty-free nail polish in bold colors! What is amazing about this brand? You can find these nail polishes around the world and the ingredients used are vegan too! No matter where you are at, finding natural nail polish just became easier.

Lauren B. Beauty

Were you excited about Color Club’s female empowerment statement? That is only the beginning! Lauren B. Beauty is another company that devotes attention to supporting women. Not only do they support women, but they also make the environment a priority by making their products “5-Free” and vegan!

Mineral Fusion

Mineral Fusion is a cruelty-free nail polish brand that strives to incorporate minerals and botanicals into their beauty products. This company’s cruelty-free status is verified by The Leaping Bunny Program which is one of the leading cruelty-free certifications. Their nail polish is “5-Free” and vegan as well!


Orly is a great cruelty-free nail polish brand that is easily found at Ulta, Walmart, Target, and online. These nail polishes are both vegan and “12-Free” which is so exciting! Orly is another company that not only refuses animal testing on finished or raw products but also vows to never sell their products where animal testing is required.

Popular Brands That Are NOT Cruelty-Free

There are many nail polish brands that can be found everywhere that are not cruelty-free. Some have stated their products have been cruelty-free in the past but have recently changed to using animal testing. While affordable, the following brands should be avoided if cruelty-free nail polishes are important to you!

  1. Essie
  2. Lancome
  3. L’Oreal
  4. Maybelline
  5. NARS
  6. OPI
  7. Revlon
  8. Sally Hansen
  9. Sephora Collection
  10. Wet n Wild

Cruelty-Free for the Future

Now is the time to start switching any and all beauty products you use to cruelty-free brands! The importance of these brands is monumental in living an ethical and natural life. Testing products on animals should never be a necessity in providing great beauty products!

The above cruelty-free nail polishes range from affordable to more expensive and can also be found in several locations giving everyone the option to better the world! Start now on your journey to becoming cruelty-free.

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