The best sustainable gifs for new moms

The Best Sustainable Gifts for New Moms

Expecting a new baby is one of the most exciting times in life. As a new mom, you can anticipate several gifts for your little bundle of joy. However, those gifting may wonder what items are best for mom instead! Understanding the lifestyle mom lives to purchase the perfect gift is crucial. For that natural mom-to-be, these 8 items are the best sustainable gifts!


What are ‘sustainable’ gifts?

Any gift for mom will more than likely send her heart soaring. Though, it is essential that gift-givers also keep mom’s lifestyle in mind when shopping. If mom lives a natural or sustainable lifestyle, certain gifts may send her into a frenzy!

Sustainable living entails reducing an individual’s use of Earth’s natural resources. Simply put, people who choose a sustainable lifestyle want to be aware of the impact their choices make on the Earth. This can include choices from food consumed to products bought. It is important for those choosing this lifestyle to avoid certain items.

The last thing any gift giver would want to do is stress a new mom out by bringing unwanted products!

8 best sustainable gifts for new moms

Reusable Nursing Pads

Now, if you have ever had a baby, you know how big of an adjustment it can be. This adjustment doesn’t only happen mentally but physically too! Something that many mothers do not anticipate is the change that can happen to their breasts. This is even more true for mothers who do not plan on breastfeeding. Simply because bottle-feeding is the route they chose, they may not realize that breast care is still important to them as well.

Therefore, any eco-friendly mom will love having the choice to use reusable nursing pads. This is one of the best sustainable gifts you could get a new mom because there is no doubt she will need them while her body is adjusting!


Who doesn’t like pajamas? In all seriousness, new moms will spend a lot of time indoors!

Odds are, this new mom will spend all day in her home and not even think about changing out of her pajamas. Be thoughtful in getting her a set of pajamas that she can feel both pretty and comfortable in. Not only will mom be able to use these for some time, but you can also take it a step further in purchasing eco-friendly pajamas too!

Check out these pajamas from Pact.

Sitz Bath Soak

This is one of the easiest and most thoughtful gifts you can give a mom recovering from vaginal birth. Sitz baths contain a combination of Epsom salt and essential oils that help anyone who uses them in relaxing. In the early days of recovery and learning how to be a mom, having the option to ‘get away’ for a moment to care for yourself is crucial!

Not only will this show mom that her wellbeing is necessary but will also align with her sustainable lifestyle. There are pre-made sitz bath blends available to use strictly eco-friendly ingredients or you can do it yourself by finding a recipe online!

Sustainable gifts for new moms

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Reusable Water Bottle

Once you become a mom, self-care is often forgotten. One aspect of self-care that cannot be put on the backburner, however, is hydration! This is one of those sustainable gifts that shouldn’t be overlooked. While it may seem simple, it is one of the most necessary items to a new mother’s health.

This is even more important for a mother who is breastfeeding. Breast milk is composed of approximately 90% water. If mom wants to keep up her milk supply, staying hydrated is a must! It can be easy to forget though so having a water bottle by her side at all times can help!

Sustainable gifts for new moms

Essential Oil Diffuser

Just like many of the items on this list, this gift has many purposes! Think about the sitz bath above. One important aspect of that gift is the essential oil aroma used to help relax mom.

Unfortunately, mom can’t stay in the bath all day! Take the calming scent of essential oils and put it anywhere mom plans on being.

Now, it won’t be as great as that bath she just took. Though, it can put her mind at ease and soothe baby whenever needed!

A great diffuser to start with is this doTerra diffuser that comes with Wild Orange and Lavender essential oils, perfect for relaxation!

doterra diffuser and essential oils

Baby Carrier

Talk about a lifesaver! While you may think a baby carrier can be beneficial to a mom out and about in public, it can be just as important inside of the home. It is an absolute must on your list of sustainable gifts!

For much of the first year, babies love being held. This can leave parents at a loss when they have so much they have to get done! By securing baby into a carrier, they can multitask.

We love these ring slings from Mumma etc, they’re divine, easy to use and made from 100% linen!

Mumma etc ring slings - sustainable gifts for new mums

Newborn Photoshoot

This is one of the most thoughtful sustainable gifts out there! One of the most precious things a parent can have is photos of their baby. Years and years down the road their hearts will sing with joy being able to reflect on this moment in time.

Opting for this sustainable gift gives these new parents a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime!

Food Delivery

Let’s be honest, the last thing that a new mom or dad wants to do is cook a meal for themselves. Even though they may be hungry, they are just as tired! A food delivery service (or even bringing them meals yourself) helps new parents relax while still making sure to stay nourished.

There are multiple reasons this is one of the best sustainable gifts for new parents. Think about the resources used each week when we are left to shop and cook for ourselves! Plastic waste from food and grocery bags, water usage by cleaning dishes, energy consumption to cook the food. Some of this can be alleviated by providing a new mom with a food service!

It’s a win-win! Mom and dad are beyond happy (and full) and they can rest assured their sustainable lifestyle has been maintained.

Be thoughtful: give sustainable gifts

If you are looking for gifts for a new mom, keep her lifestyle in mind when shopping. It is easy to become swept away with items for your loved one but they may have the opposite effect. If this new mom is eco-friendly and lives a sustainable lifestyle, this list of great sustainable gifts is the perfect place to get started!

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