The best pikler triangles and their benefits [2021]

The Best Pikler Triangles and their Benefits [2024]

If you are a fan of Montessori-based learning or open-ended play, you may have heard a lot about the Pikler Triangle. Even if you aren’t following either of these philosophies, with the rise in popularity these triangles are receiving, you may hear nonstop of the wonders they provide for toddlers. What you are hearing is true! The Pikler Triangle is a magical tool for the development of our little ones and we are here to let you know which Pikler Triangles are the best to choose from! 

What is a Pikler Triangle?

Many people have never even heard of the Pikler Triangle. Once they do, if they have little ones who can use it, they often jump on the opportunity to have one! These triangles were developed by Hungarian pediatrician Dr. Emmi Pikler. She truly believed that children should be allowed to explore on their own terms making the Pikler Triangle the perfect exploration instrument. 

The Pikler Triangle can typically be used for children as young as 6 months to 7 years old! 

What are the benefits of a Pikler Triangle?

  • Develops gross motor skills 
  • Encourages self-confidence and exploration 
  • Teaches creativity
  • Promotes open-ended play
  • Enhances concentration 

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What to look for in a Pikler Triangle

Age of your little one

We will soon talk about the size of the Pikler Triangle you choose. However, the age of your little one will be a large determinant in making the decision on which triangle to choose. Depending on your toddler’s development stage, age, and weight you will want to purchase a triangle appropriate for him or her. If you aren’t quite sure, most triangles include a recommended age range for their specific triangle you can go off of! 


Size is a consideration to make when thinking of the age of your child and the space you have in your home. There are several options to choose from depending on what stage your little one is at! 

Small/mini triangles

This type of Pikler Triangle is designed for the younger toddler around 7 and 9 months of age when they are crawling and starting to climb. These triangles typically are quite small and come with ramps to help your little one explore!

Medium triangles 

This type of Pikler Triangle is the one that most parents buy as it is made for toddlers anywhere from 1 to 5 years of age. It is the perfect fit for many little ones and doesn’t take up a tremendous amount of space! These triangles can usually hold around 90 pounds.

Large triangles  

Large Pikler Triangles can be used from 2 to 7 years of age and have a larger weight limit of 100 pounds. These triangles are used for a lot of play and typically have add ons that can be purchased to enhance play such as ramps and slides. 


As you will soon find, there are many types of Pikler Triangles with several different features. One of these features is to have the ability to fold or simply keeping the triangle shape. For many, a folding Pikler Triangle is superior as you can easily store it when not in use. This is crucial for smaller spaces that you may not want to be dominated by your little one’s toys all the time. 

The thing to consider when looking for a folding Pikler Triangle is safety and stability. Traditionally, things that fold aren’t as sturdy as those that hold shape. There are triangles out there made extremely safe and sturdy but proper assembly is a huge part of its safety success! 

Safety and weight limit

As we discussed above, the weight limit for each triangle will differ and is an important factor when choosing the right fit for your toddler. Most of the Pikler Triangles on the market today are designed to hold much more than you think. Those producing triangles know that odds are, more than one toddler will be playing on the triangle at a time and have made their triangles to handle this. 

Where to buy the best Pikler Triangle

All Circles Playbox – Mountain Top

The Mountain Top play equipment is very different to other Pikler triangles. It consists of a ramp, ladder and box which gives the children more sturdiness and security. The ladder and ramp can be placed on any side of the box, making it interesting for their play. Every All Circles product is made from sustainable wood and has low emissions.

CASSARO Baby Pikler Mini

A Pikler Triangle made especially for infants! This triangle is made of wood and is extremely safe as it has a solid foundation and dowels that do not move. It can support up to a weight of 120 pounds and is best used indoors. 

Homi Baby Mini Pikler Climbing Triangle 

This Pikler Triangle is designed with the littlest little in mind. If your toddler is crawling and climbing, it is never too early to start developing their motor skills by using a triangle. The triangle is made of wood and is free of VOC chemicals making it safe for your little one that may want to chew on it! 

Bella Luna Toys Sawdust and Rainbows Triangle with Slide

If you want a little more color in your playroom, the Bella Luna triangle is a good fit! This triangle has the option of purchasing a slide unlike any other. This slide has sides attached unlike many others making it feel much more safe and secure for your little one to use. On the other side of the slide, there are pre-drilled holes for you to secure attachments that are sold separately if you are looking for a little more fun. 

It is recommended that this slide be used for ages 1 to 3!

Lily & River Birch Wood Climber with Rockwall

Planning on using your Pikler Triangle in a living room and worried about how it looks? Don’t worry! Lily & River designed a very aesthetically pleasing triangle that will last you a lifetime. This triangle features stainless steel hardware and beautiful pearl-looking climbing rocks on the optional climbing wall. 

The age range for this triangle is a little more than the others mentioned. It can be used up to 5 years old or when your child reaches 90 pounds.

CASSARO Pikler Triangle

Designed for indoor climbing only, this Pikler Triangle is made for the rowdy toddler! It helps develop muscle strength and balance while being extremely sturdy. 

No matter the playing surface, this triangle is a go! It comes with slip-resistant grips for the triangle to ensure it doesn’t slip while your little one is climbing and having fun. Another aspect of safety this climber provides is no rolling dowel handles. Your toddler can climb and sit on this triangle without the dowels moving. 

This Pikler Triangle is made of wood and can support your child up to 150 pounds. Plus, it can be paired with a mini triangle and connectable ladder enhancing your child’s play for years!

The Perfect Play!

There are thousands of toys on the market available to our toddlers. It can be hard to know which ones are the most beneficial to their development. The Pikler Triangle makes it easy! There are so many aspects of child development that these triangles work on that it is a no brainer to invest in one. 

Plus, the triangle will pay for itself when you find your child playing with this climber for years and years! 

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