13 Affordable Ethical Clothing Brands

13 Incredibly Affordable Ethical Clothing Brands

Are you tired of shopping at the same stores year after year to only find the clothes you purchase wear down crazy fast? Or how about that blouse you bought last year, wore twice, and already needs to be tossed because it looks worn down and years too old to wear much longer? It is time to look elsewhere! Stop spending your hard-earned money on cheap clothing and purchase sustainable items instead. The best place to do so? Any one of these amazingly affordable ethical clothing brands!

13 affordable ethical clothing brands


If you are looking for something to feel luxurious in, KOTN is your go-to! The clothing made by this brand is known to be extremely soft being made from Egyptian cotton. KOTN ensures that the materials used to make their clothing is obtained ethically. They do this by working directly with farmers to pay them fair prices for cotton.

While working with these farmers, this company strives to switch everyone over to organic materials! That way, products created by the brand remain organic and safe for our bodies and the earth.


ABLE is a company that advocates for women in everything that they do! This company’s goal is to end generational poverty by providing as many opportunities as possible to women in several communities. The products made by this company are created by women all over the world in Fair Trade conditions.

Made Trade

Made Trade believes in being “ethically elevated”. This means that they hold themselves to a higher ethical standard in everything they do when creating the beautiful clothing they provide their customers. Some of the most important promises made by this company include:

“fair wages above profits, sustainability above mass production. Quality craftsmanship above mindless consumption. And transparency above everything.”


Make shopping for the whole family easier by shopping at Boden. Worried about your little ones tearing holes in the knees of their pants? Let’s be honest, what mom isn’t? It is only expected! Well… for traditional brands maybe! Boden lets us all know that they “love clothes that last”.

This is for many reasons!

First, Boden wants you to be able to wear and enjoy their clothes for as long as possible. Second, they don’t want to see their clothes ending up in landfills in only a year! This is so important that Boden provides a 365-day quality guarantee.

This is why Boden is one of our favorite affordable ethical clothing brands!

Girlfriend Collective

Now, for active individuals seeking only the best ethical clothing products. Your search is over! Girlfriend Collective offers a line of inclusive activewear that is affordable and sustainable.

Sizes offered through Girlfriend Collective include XXS through 6XL making it easier for everyone to get out there and be active!

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Alternative Apparel

Soft. Simple. (even more) sustainable. This is the promise given by Alternative Apparel. Of all affordable ethical clothing brands, Alternative Apparel makes it well known that they love their planet and will make a positive impact in everything they do!

On their website, you can find all of the changes they have made to their products such as only using recycled or 100% organic cotton in their products. You can even find what they plan to do in the future to make sure they are doing everything they can to help the earth. Right now, they have pledged to replace all of their virgin polyesters with 100% recycled polyester by 2021!


Look no further than one of the most popular affordable ethical clothing brands out there! Which you may wonder? Pact! You can easily find comfortable organic clothes for every member of the family knowing they will be long-lasting.

These products are GOTS certified organic promising high standard quality and are created Fair Trade. Therefore, you know you are purchasing only the best items through every stage of creation!

ASOS Eco Edit

Pay close attention to which part of this company you are shopping in! While this is one of the most affordable ethical clothing brands, there are some things from this brand that are not ethical.

Once you find the Eco Edit collection, you are safe to purchase everything!

Not only are these products affordable, but they are also organic and Fair Trade as well. This is the perfect store for anyone looking to add a little flair to their wardrobe while staying ethical and eco-friendly!


Patagonia has several things going for them when it comes to being one of the best affordable ethical clothing brands. First, they have their Worn Wear program that helps customers cut down on consumption by repairing, sharing, and recycling the gear they have previously purchased.

Second, since 1985, Patagonia has pledged 1% of all sales to preserving and restoring natural environments. Plus, in 2002 they created a non-profit corporation to encourage other companies to do the same!

This brand is going above and beyond to do what they can for the earth and educate others to do so as well!


Three aspects that the prAna brands wants to achieve through its work is inclusivity, social responsibility, and to always be improving. By doing these things, they live up to their motto of creating “clothing for positive change”.

Not only does this company do this by providing its customers with natural clothes, but they also work hard at volunteering their time to both local and international charities. Plus, during the holiday season, they donate a portion of their proceeds to an organization called Outdoor Outreach. This organization connects underserved youth with the outdoors!

People Tree

If you haven’t noticed, many affordable ethical clothing brands tend to stick with classic color schemes like blacks, whites, and pastels. While these are nice, some of us must have items with polka dots!

For those looking for fun pieces to add to your clothing selection, shopping at People Tree is a fantastic option! This company provides the highest standard of ethical clothing while still giving customers fun clothing they can feel confident in.

With People Tree providing high quality, comes a little price increase. However, you should never fear! These prices may stick out a tad but the clothing items will last for years!

Old Navy

Old Navy had a time where it was the powerhouse of all stores! If you are from the Midwest, this may still be very true. The time is now, however, to bring back the popularity of Old Navy! While overlooked by many, Old Navy is deservingly placed on our best affordable ethical clothing brands list.

Old Navy is creating clothes with recycled cotton and partnering with various companies that recycle water in the denim production process.

Not only with their clothing items, but in stores, Old Navy is making a positive step in providing a safer and healthier world for our children. They created their recycling program to recycle the hangers in their stores! By doing so, they have recycled almost 85,000 pounds of plastic since January!

H & M

Much like Old Navy, many people write them off when switching over to more sustainable and ethical clothing brands. However, great strides have been made by both companies in switching their practices over to a more ethical system of production.

While not as ethical as others on this list, it is important to include them for their effort thus because they are only getting better! Plus, you can get some pieces here that you cannot get elsewhere.

Clothing can make a difference

Clothing can have an impact in several ways. Whether that be providing you with a new stunning look or wicking away the insane amount of sweat created by your intense workout. Though, nothing matters quite like making a positive impact on the planet and those that live on it.

That is why it is more important now than ever to switch over to more sustainable and ethical clothing brands. You don’t have to break the bank doing it either!

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