Grimms Rainbow Toys - Large Rainbow

6 of Our Favorite Grimms Rainbow Toys

If you are a fan of open-end or Montessori-based toys for your children, you are most likely no stranger to the popular Grimms rainbow toys. This is no surprise since Grimms toys are beyond easy to love with their sturdy design, beautiful colors, and multi-use.

On the other hand, if you are completely new to the Grimms toys, knowing where to start may be overwhelming as it is hard to decide which toy to start with!

Never fear!

We are here to let you know which Grimms toys are the absolute best and which are absolute must-haves for your child.

Top Grimms Rainbow Toys


The Grimms rainbow is one of the most sought-after toys available by the company. There are several reasons why this toy is so popular. A few include its design, aesthetic, and high-quality craftsmanship that accompanies the toy.

You can find a Grimms rainbow option that suits your needs quite easily. The types include original rainbow, pastel, monochrome, natural wood, and sunset. It is important to note that the sunset option comes with only 10 rainbow pieces while the others come with the traditional 12.

Your little ones can use the Grimms rainbow stacker in many ways during play. It can be stacked easily or even stretched out to make a tunnel. It is also the perfect way to help kiddos learn the colors of the rainbow and learn the order of stackable objects.

Grimms Rainbow Toys - Large Rainbow

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Blocks are the staple toy in every child’s toy chest. There simply isn’t another toy as versatile, durable, or that has as many uses as blocks. Like many Grimms toys, their blocks have become popular for their rainbow colors.

Though, if the Grimms rainbow attraction is too much, they also offer a nice natural wood option!

A nice “in-between” is the Grimms Pastel Cube set. These blocks measure 4cm x 4cm making them the perfect blocks for your little one to learn with. They may even be the best Grimms toys to start with when introducing toys to your little one.

Grimms Rainbow Toys - rainbow blocks

Rainbow Friends

After the Grimms rainbow, this company’s rainbow friends are a close second to win the hearts of both parents and children. These little peg people are easy for little hands to hold and maneuver.

For even the smallest child, these Grimms toys play an essential role in development. Children may begin simply learning how to place their peg people and eventually learn to match their colors and even participate in imaginary play with them.

Grimms Rainbow Toys - Rainbow friends

Conical Towers

If you are just beginning to introduce toys to your child, the conical towers are another crucial Grimms toy to have! From the time your child seems interested in toys, they are learning how to pick things up and put them back down. Have you noticed your child picking up a toy and repositioning it?

This works on their fine and gross motor skills.

Your child is becoming more coordinated and learning to use their whole body when moving objects around.

This is much different from what they are used to when being an infant. At that time, much of their movement was reflex-based. Providing your child with an adequate environment to learn about these changes is a must and that is where the conical tower comes into play.

Alongside many Grimms toys, these towers work on several components of your child’s development. This is simply one toy that can be started earlier than others. It is the toy that will hone in on your child’s desire to learn how to pick things up and move them.

Depending on your child’s skill level, you have the option of purchasing either a flat or curved bottom tower!

Grimms Rainbow Toys - Conical tower

Building Boards

While building blocks are the staple of all toy collections, they do have some limitations. Luckily, Grimms toys have answered all of our concerns. Finally, they have presented us with the Grimms building boards.

With these boards, your child now has the option of building bridges, ramps, and more!

Grimms Rainbow Toys - Rainbow Building Boards

Nested Bowls, Boxes, and Waves

The third most important Grimms toy to have when introducing toys to baby is the nested bowls and boxes. Either will do but one is necessary! Aside from learning how to pick up and move items, babies are also learning about the size of objects.

Much like the Grimms rainbow, the nested bowls and boxes teach your child the order of things. It gives them an understanding of big and small.

If that wasn’t enough to sell you on the wonders of this toy, it also teaches a much-needed skill that is used all through life. That is the understanding of seriation. This is the formation, arrangement, succession, or position in a series or orderly sequence. It teaches children the underlying principle of order. Therefore, it is easier for them to understand the sequence of numbers and how they work.

If you want to add a unique toy to the mix, you can check out the nesting waves option rather than the bowls or boxes!

Grimms Rainbow Toys - Nested Boxes

Never-ending fun with Grimms Rainbow Toys!

After purchasing your first Grimms rainbow toy, you will understand the hype that surrounds this brand. Of course, the absolute best toys are those you find your children enjoy the most. However, you may just find that these toys make the cut!

In fact, you most likely will find that the Grimms rainbow toys are a favorite for years to come!

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